Reviving dead SRK clone

Hi all,

I have a 7-LED Ultrafire Skyray King clone. Until recently, it worked really well and I was pleased with it. However, following an incident involving it switching on in my bag (silly me for not unscrewing it a bit!) and consequently killing all of its 7 emitters, I am wondering about reviving it.

The emitter board looks like this (identical picture found online):

And clearly its thermal properties are inadequate, but can anyone comment on how I might be able to easily either replace the emitters or incorporate 7 separate emitter boards perhaps?

Has anyone done something similar?


The most important limitation is it has no shelf for the LED board

To get this fixed a round insert thermally glued to the head would be needed

There are DTP boards for 7 Emitters, you have to check the spacing if its compatible to some TIRs or you got to use 7 16mm boards

Its better to start with a solid host like BLF Q8 instead trying to mod a Ultrafire 7x Board

just 7 good LEDs costs you quite a bit, where you can get a rocksolid light instead for 44$