ridiculously overpriced flashlights?

ok found this ebay can couldn’t belive my eyes.

Basically a Nitecore is around 150-200 dollars but this? Nitecore TM11

looks like a rebadged $59 King

There are differences of course….

The TM11 does not come in U2 bin. The SR King now comes in the best U2 bin….

Yeah, I showed my dad a light that was $40 most places, maybe $45 at some. But then I search for it on ebay, and some people were selling it for an ungodly $160+! The sellers probably get the light for like $15 too, making like a 1000% on the light.

That Tm11 could be a “special edition with 10000 lumens, so bright it creates bags of money just from shining it at a dollar bill” though, if they put that in the title it’d probably be worth it…

It originally was the other way around. The TM11 was first and the king copied the nitecore and resold it for $60

Ridiculously overpriced?… Have you heard of SureFire flashlights? :party:

Yea I do I like the surefire invictus before the xm-l came along. Still a fan of Fenix TK70. I understand these can be 200-300 dollars but jut saying 200 more is really laughable price. And yea I know about the skyray king was the knock off brand, just so funny how things go in circles. I just had to post this!

175 bucks shipped for the big TK70 is a somewhat fair price actually. Only thing is that it needs either NiMH or 32650s (with a dummy cell) so that’s some additonal cost.

Ridiculously expensive flashlights just give people with a shitload of disposable income another way to feel superior to everyone else. And sure, if there actually was such a thing as the Bugatti Veyron of flashlights, I probably would be impressed. But there’s a certain point beyond which a flashlight can’t really get any better in any practical sense, and so the expense itself becomes the true source of pride, which is the height of absurdity if you ask me.

It all makes me think of the worlds most expensive razor.

You mean expensive like these?

Image credit goes to Tanasit on CPF

I dunno. How expensive are they?

If those are all really gold, I think it’s kinda different. What I mean is, if the Nitecore TM11 was made out of gold, the price wouldn’t seem so laughable.

24k coated IIRC

Third from the left looks like something a genie might pop out of.

To be honest, I’ve never really been impressed by gold plating. I’d be impressed by a solid gold torch though.


Credit goes to photonfanatic on CPF

Credit goes to Osprey_Guy on Bladeforums

Nice and artistic.

Found an $8,400 14K gold flashlight

Nice !

Any one got a coupon for this?

Those are nasty tacky, look like they belong on the fur-covered dash of a ’72 Eldorado pimpmobile

thx guys for the replies, I’m glad i’m on a budget!

I want a Jacktheclipper review of that razor.