[Ripsshine New Product ] 35000lumens HF1,use 46950 battery,Temperature Control Fan,Big Guy,hehe

From a ML1 little guy to a HF1 big guy production, the span is a bit big, hehe.Because we like to make some distinctive products.
The initial thought is that the turbo mode can reach 35000 lumens,Use 46950 battery. I like 46950,Although there is no way to push the current higher, but the capacity of 30000 mAh can greatly improve the battery life.Moreover, the product size will not be awkward, and the experience will be better

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Who comes up with these company names? Sheesh.

But welcome aboard. Do you have any data to back up the statistics you’ve presented, or is this just something on a drawing board?

The name is chosen by the head of the company,means the light that tears through the darkness
Of course, only when the product is close to landing will the relevant post be published.

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Looking at the specs of 46800, 46950, 46110 cells most are listed at 2.5 to 4c output potential. Others were listed as 700 to 1200 watts. That’s a lot of light potential. I’m glad to see these cells starting to get into the flashlight world. CALB has two cells at 46950 and 46110 size, with 32,000mah and 43,000mah respectively. So I like were you’re going and like to see some really bright 4 to 8 LED powerhouses come to reality.

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thank you so much for your suggestion
We use six XHP50.3, three generations of CREE 50 lamp beads

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Will you offer other LED options? xhp50.3 70cri or 90cri? How about xhp70.3 HI? Or maybe sft40 :open_mouth:

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The current prototype adopts 50.3, 70cri

I would recommend using HI version of 50.3 if you choose that way.

Maybe also a version of it in 90cri 3000k using SFN43, SFQ55, SFQ60, or another similar LED, if my assumption of a 3v FET driver is correct.

If you use 70, you will indeed achieve higher performance, but there are higher challenges for the product,hehe

Thank you very much for your suggestion,
the current choice is the HD version 6500K, in order to take into account the higher lumens

You are very welcome to give more suggestions, and I will make better optimizations during the testing phase.
Color is really a difficult choice

HI version is higher candela, which is the number that matters most in common use. It is why so many flashlights now use domeless emitters, like the Imalent SR32 and the XHP70.3 version of the Acebeam X75.

A higher lumen number is only good for marketing, but blinds the user from near-object reflections. Also, neutral and warmer CCT are better at going through air, less backscatter fog. Try to offer 5000k XHP50.3HI or SFT40 version

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Yes, if it’s my choice, I would like to see the XHP50.3 HI or SFT40 version @EDC-Jason. SFT40 would feel more impressive because of good throw. It will seem more impactful to the user when they turn it on :slight_smile: Also the lumen count of SFT40 is not that low either, when doing multi-led it is sure to be a crowd-pleaser :smiley:

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I have an Emisar D4Sv2 with 4x SFT40 and a 21700 battery, it is extremely bright and has impressive throw over 90,000cd

Also, Anduril 2 UI would be very good to have. Preferably t1616 MCU with flashing pads on visible side of driver. The fan can be controlled by separate circuit in the driver.

I think it might be possible to be higher current if you include a 3x21700 battery carrier. Then a user can put in special high current batteries like Molicel P45B or Samsung 40T.

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thanks for your advice
Got what you said, I will test what you said in the near future and consider including a multi-lamp bead type project if I can

thanks for your advice
ok, i think i’ll test it soon

It should be simple to produce the alternate version, SFT40 uses the same soldering pad as 3v version of XHP50.3 but is much higher intensity. You would just need to reflow different emitters on MCPCB.

Welcome aboard! I’m really happy to see the first flashlight to use these new large cells. My wish is for it to have the following:

  1. usb-c charge and power-bank

  2. boost driver + FET turbo

  3. Option of XHP70.3 HI 95CRI and XHP50.3 HI 95 CRI

I would be happy to pay a premium for these features.

Btw, please consider removing one “s” from the name. “Ripshine” not “Ripsshine”.

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Thank you very much for your reply
1.2.3 points are being realized.
I would like to ask, is there anything wrong with the brand name, I don’t quite understand

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