[Ripsshine New Product ] 35000lumens HF1,use 46950 battery,Temperature Control Fan,Big Guy,hehe

In addition, I checked on the official website that the third generation XHP50,3V does not have 95 CRI,only 70

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You sure those are 50.3s? They don’t look like it. But obviously that’s not the production version so it doesn’t really matter what’s in there now. Anyways,

Not necessarily. Picking a name is hard. All the good ones are taken.

But if I had to guess, I would say it’s a little odd. The two words together are meaningless and, as you can see, somewhat confusing. The double SS adds to that and ensures it will rarely be spelled correctly. It’s also very close phoenetically to “rip-off”. That’s just low-hanging fruit for anybody not satisfied with the product.

The 95 CRI is only the 50.3 hi, but I could’ve sworn there are >70CRI 3v HDs. Maybe not. I could be thinking of 6v/12v

I won’t bat an eye at any flashlight unless it has a high CRI option and uses Anduril 2. I also won’t buy anything over 6000K. To reiterate, I don’t care about high lumens if I have to sacrifice CRI to get it. Do with this info what you will.

Regarding the name, I think you’re trying to combine the words “rip” and “shine”. “Ripshine” would be the way to spell that. “Ripsshine” (two s) presents itself like a spelling or typing error, but who’s to say

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If I were buyiing this light[1], I would very much like it to come (or at least have available as an accessory) such a 3x21700 battery carrier (with the batteries connected in parallel, of course); that way, besides being able to supply higher-current batteries, we would not be forced to stock on yet another battery size like the 46950 which would most probably not be used for anything else (at least for most of us).

[1] which I’m not, due to my “No Anduril, no deal” axiom :slight_smile:

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+1 to all of these! Plus, pretty please:

  1. ATTiny1616 MCU with easily accessible flashing pads in the @gchart layout;
  2. Anduril 2 (but if you don’t give us this but give us #4, I’m pretty sure the community would port it to this light really quick).

+1 to Anduril, with AT1616 MCU and easily accessible flashing pads in the GCHart 3-pin layout;
Not so keen on the high-CRI option myself, but agree it’s would be very nice to have.

The double “S” looks really weird for us English speakers (or at least for me), it’s totally unnatural as it simply doesn’t happen in normal use. So, if you want to keep the “Shine Ripping Darkness” motif, perhaps call it just “RipShine” or similar?

Amen to that, brother! :wink:

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That is ok, if you used the hi version, it will be more popular. What is your pricing and do you need reviewers?

Seconding this, I’d be happy to review it if the light gets Anduril, I dislike most proprietary UIs because they mess with my muscle memory.

A driver architecture similar to the Sofirn Q8 Plus would be easy to manufacture, with a linear regulator and another path with multiple FETs for lower resistance.

Do you know where we can buy them individually? Im much more interested in the 46110 for the 43,000mah capacity… if available.

I don’t buy anything over 5700K those extra lumens are drowned out by the greater glare. Color is washed out by glare. Those wanting a triple 21700 carrier for extra current, BAK list 84.5 amps for the 32,500mah cell and 120 amps for the 29,700 cell. EVE list their cells as 700 watts for their 32,500mah cell and 1100 watts for their 29,700mah cell.

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Please don’t use the 3V version. There are a ton of those low priced, lower quality brands out there with the xhp50 3V using those crap unregulated drivers. They are inefficient and cannot sustain a flat lumen output to make them a tool instead of a toy. That’s why the premium brands like Olight, Acebeam, Fenix, Thrunite, Nitecore only use the 6v/12v versions but never the 3v versions. I will not buy it unless it has the 6v/12v emitters with boost driver.

These are the new Cree 95cri emitters.

For people who speak English, Ripsshine with two “ss” sounds like broken English, which is very bad for the image of the company.

Nice. It looks a lot like the Lumintop Mach. I tested that one and it was great. However, it had an unregulated driver and 3x21700. There’s a 46950 option but like you said, only the runtimes are improved. To make a lot of Lumens woth a light like this and make use of the 46950 capability, you need more direct drive LEDs at 6v. The SFN series is a good place to start for that, or the xhp70.x but those SFN are inefficient and use a lot of power and generate a lot of heat. The xhp70.x are very efficient and produce a lot of light (Acebeam x75). You’ll still hit a output ceiling though, just brighter than the xhp50.3. Also, please implement 60W 3A 20v or 100w charging on this 5A 20V to charge that huge battery somewhat quickly.

Trying to find some myself, CALB and EVE are making them. Can’t seem to find anything more than specs. Samsung announced 46120, love to see those specs.

46110 Cell
Chemistry: high-nickel ternary + silicon carbon
Capacity: 43Ah
Mass Energy Density: 300Wh/Kg
10%-80%SoC Charge time : 10min
Cycle Life: >1500 cycles to 80% SoH

I am very happy and excited to see everyone’s replies and suggestions,Learn more about BLF forums and flashlight enthusiasts around the world.Thanks again everyone’s suggestions, I can’t reply one by one, so I will summarize
1.21700 sleeve can achieve
2.The lamp beads will test what everyone calls XHP70.HI, hight CRI
3.have USB-C charging and discharging function and fast charging current
4.Regarding the boost driver, the 46950 boost driver has been discussed internally, and there is currently no better way to achieve it. If you have ideas and suggestions, please feel free to contact me.
5.About Anduril,This is also within the scope of achievable
6.It’s really hard to come up with a name. :sob:The review cycle of a brand is also very long.But,changing the brand name will also be included in the plan

Now the product needs a big modification, and more manpower, material resources and energy are required. Regarding the redesign of the product, we will re-plan. Thank you very much for your attention. I will update the product information and update this post when actual data becomes available in the future

Wish BLF better and better,Wish everyone have a good day

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Great to hear, makes it easier to find replacement batteries 5 years later :slight_smile:

That is an excellent choice. I think having an option in r70 5000k for maximum performance, and r9050 version in 4000k and 3000k for beam quality would satisfy everyone.

If you implement a Anduril boost driver, please make sure to document the source code so that others can make their own modified or updated versions. Posting the hwcfg.h file would make it easier to work on.

Thank you Jason for listening to community feedback, I hope good luck for the next version!

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For the boost driver, I recommend you contact Loneocean on this forum. He is the developer for the LUME driver, and his driver design is better than even the premium flashlight manufacturers and can come with Anduril that everyone is asking about. Loneocean design drivers for several other flashlight makers. I will definitely buy it if you have a LUME driver in it as it is the most efficient driver out there.

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Thank you so much for the introduction and will be in touch with Loneocean when we are ready

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Or “thefreeman” as he is active here.