Rivian: What size cells will they use? 7777.

One interesting detail popped out of an article I read today.

Rivian brought prototypes of its electric truck and electric SUV to San Francisco at the end of January to build some excitement for the vehicles ahead of their official launch later this year.
Brian Gase, Rivian’s chief engineer for special projects, was on hand to tell the audience more about the battery packs that will power the Rivian vehicles.
The largest battery contains 7,776 lithium-ion cells. But wait, there’s more! There is a one cell flashlight that slides into one of the doors, which brings the total number of cells onboard to 7,777.

No word if there will also be a Rolls-Royce style umbrella in the door.

Skoda also has an umbrella in the door of their Superb model :wink:

prob 18650, just guessing the 2nd tier companies don;t get the 1st tier batteries.

Well, 21700 cells, or even slightly larger cells.

7776 cells with 180kWh of capacity is a bit too low for current 18650 cells at 3500mAh(12,6Wh), equating to a total capacity of about 100kWh.

However, with current 21700 top end cells(5000mAh = 18Wh), they’d get 140kWh.

Don’t forget these are projectec specs though.

I wonder if it charges while in the door.