Roche X3

This Roche X3 is one good lookin’ light for $26.99.

~High/mid/low/Stepless adJusted
~Side Clicky

The red background on their photo will make your eyes bleed…

Looks like a new light…can’t seem to find it on any other site.

its looks like a nice light,
and different than just the usual “altered clones” we been seeing with alot of lights in this size range.


It’s an attractive light and I like the idea of “stepless” mode.
I wonder what tint led is.

Here is the image without the red background.

I really like that there are no disco modes, but I wonder how long you have to press and hold to turn off the light. I got the DQG EDC Triple recently and like the light, but it gets real irritating when I want to turn it off and have to wait 3 seconds for it to respond.

a GB would be awesome

I agree that it has great looks, but Id bet a good amount that its probably under-driven… as are most e-switched budget lights like this.

This roche x3 is a Frankenstein light. Has the head and mid section from an old c108 uniquefire. Looks interesting though. Does anyone know the company in china that machines all the roche and convoy flashlights?

Most likely has the same switch of the Roche’s M170 3-xml step-less ramping 3-mode side switch and a 2-sec long press to turn off.

nice lookin light, but i hate the slow off feature also.

5.9” x 1.7”

agreed, nice looking!

Nice, ordered one, $24.83 with blf coupon code.

I'm interested.

does anyone know how this compares to a c8?

Been looking at it too ...Question is am I willing to wait 8 weeks for banggood to ship a factory second

It's main (and probably only) competitor would be the Convoy L4.

I’ll wait they add the option for T6-4C, as they do with the Roche M170.

Convoy L4, and the side-switch Warsun lights use a tailcap clicky as on/off with the momentary for mode change. I kinda like that. In a SRK with four cells and an amperage drag of 4A-10A, a clicky just doesn’t make sense and the parasitic draw is negligible compared to the cell pool. On a single-celll, 3A light however, a lockout is a nice feature to have. Plus cigar-grip, room-clearing tactical awesomeness. :smiley:

Hot surface logo kind of big.

You bring up a good point. Check the bangdick threads before you lay out your cash. Their CS is god-aweful stooopid. :Sp Caged mutant chimps would be 10 times more helpful in resolving the simplest of issues = PAYPAL DISPUTE. Avoid these morons and buy elsewhere.