ROFIS JR20 On The Way

Morning all,

After 4 IPAs, I ordered one of these last night from Manafont. I have been looking for some angle lights other than the Zebra and Ultrafire lights.I will update when I receive it month.

Pricey but I like it. I would really like someone to build a very bright "semi floody" right angle light that took 2 or 3 18650 side by side.

Agreed. I have one of those old plastic military right angel lights that I was able to upgrade with a Nite Ize Mag Light LED upgrade. I works well, but I have to put the flood lens in or the pattern looks horrible. I really like it when the power goes out , I can sit it on a shelf in any room and it lights up the whole room for hours.

I just got it and I am pleased with it. I haven't had the time to test it out fully, run times etc. but the first impressions are fairly positive.

It is a well made light no scars or marks in the treatment. It has nicely lubricated squared threads . The head rotation is very firm and solid feeling. The light stays on the whole time when adjusting. Gets slightly warm fairly quickly so it seems like it has good heat sinking ability.

It has a nicely centered LED, good spot to throw ratio. The company name is printer on the circuit(makes me happy for some reason). Solid clip ,quality lanyard, with a sheathe that is well made. The light fits in it well both ways, angled and straight.

I will tail stand on very flat surfaces, but the way the end cap is made creates less surface to stand on.

I would say that it is Fenix quality , it reminds me of those lights by the way it is constructed.

Anyway, I am happy with the purchase!

I’ve always curious about this light, waiting for a good offer but I didn’t see any yet, I am upt to $40-45.

bikenber73, if you read this, please update how good it is.

Here’s a review

Thanks WVDAVE, looks like it is a good light, I will still check from time to time about an offer then.

It’s at Shining Beam

I like my dirt cheap no name DX 898 special:

It's really bright (a little too much w/heat on a 14500) and the most functional light I got (green, blue, or yellow).

Here's the one I bought last year in green with 11 reviews posted:

For $10.50 or $11 you can't go wrong - I've used mine a lot around the house or outside on projects. I bought 5 of the blue ones, as kits with the charger and battery, for $15 each and gave them out to relatives. All worked fine, including the chargers and batteries. Great for the toolbox - working under the hood, on the boat, in a dark corner of the attic or basement, etc. Batteries don't last all that long though, but using cheap UltraFire's.

I bought one from Manafont.

It's an OK light but even on a single Eneloop, mine rapidly gets so hot on high that it starts flickering/blinking. (Unless I run it in the freezer!) Haven't bothered to try a 14500 for that reason.

Has a pronounced whine on Medium and a beeping sound on strobe. Only of concern in quiet environments though.

Much prefer my Fenix MC11 (which this one is looesely cloned from) for its low mode, but then again, you can get three of these for the same price.

Manafont has them? Hhhmm. I bought 6 so far from DX and haven't noticed the whining, beeping or flickering before. Just tried low mode now and if I hold it next to my ear, there is a whining sound -- interesting. It certainy gets hots though.

I gave 5 away - wonder if I should check with everyone if they noticed any of these issues. I use only 14500's and for the 5 given away, bought the DX kit that came with a charger and 1 14500.

The latest version has been updated with a XP-G2 LED and claims 400 Lumens maximum with the same run time. Best price I found is from Going Gear who are having a 15% off “Boss on vacation” sale through tomorrow. Price better than I found from any China seller.

The JR20 was not in stock at Going Gear but I ordered it anyway and it was almost a month before they received their shipment. Price was right at $50 on sale including shipping and it just arrived today. Long for a just under 1” diameter “single diameter ”cigar” style light at 144mm long when the head is not adjusted to the right angle position In addition to the angling adjustable head the overall length is increased by including both a tail switch and a side switch. Takes protected 18650 batteries fine, at least the Soshine I installed in it.

On/Off is via the tail switch while mode selection is by the side switch. Four intensity levels with mode memory. Hold the side switch for 1 second and the light switches to strobe with another quick press for SOS and a long press to go back to the four levels normal operation. Low is 5 lumens so not really a moonlight mode. Max is 400 Lumens and per the instructions all readings are per ANSI standards. The Strobe is two frequencies with switching between them at about a 1.25 second time interval. The light has mechanical lockout by loosening either the tailcap or the head from the battery tube.

Overall a good finish on the light though slight differences in finish are visible between the head, the body and the tailcap which might bother some people. I am more interested in function.