I got a R3 a few months ago.Used on military operations and personal use.
Been soaked for hours, taken bumps and bruises.
Has been flawless so far.

Only thing :
Coating is either NOT HA type III or its is really thin.
Some minor chipping has happened. Small specs(so far).
For the listed price, I think it should be better…like a Fenix or Surefire or other HQ light.
Meaning….not come off /chip so easily.

I 100% love this light.
Mode spacing to us light wierdos seems odd.In actual use, it is fine.
I moved the clip when I got it. It has not moved or unclipped to date.
Glass remains unscratched.

**TY again Neal gadget

Semper Fi

I’m glad that it’s able to take substantial real world abuse.

Thanks for the status update.

Just fantastic as an actual EDC.
My friend has dunked his body (when new) in either clear nail polish or krylon spray
He take no chips. I will ask when I can.

To date, the chips have no effect on light.It is a tool… NOT a work of art ,so I have no issues.
For a premium list price I expect better,same for Thrunite.
I have had (still have a few) many Fenix lights, none have ever chipped.

A black sharpie marker removed my spots (thanks for that tip)

REALLY like the magnetic charging for as long as it works.

I would buy this light again, as it is.