ROFIS TR10 - Mini flashlight review

Rofis TR10 XP-L HI 900 Lumens

Declaration & Thanks:
This light was supplied for review by Rofis flashlights.

Conclusion Summary:
A nifty little light, with some great features and highly usable.

Manufacture Specs:

Info about my reviews and testing:
I like to keep my reviews fairly informal and not overly technical. There are plenty of talented people with fancy measuring devices to offer more technical detail. What I want to do is give an honest appraisal of owning and using this torch, and what a regular punter will make of it.

What’s in the box?

The TR10 comes with the usual spare o-rings and a lanyard.

Exterior Design & Ergonomics:
Like the other Rofis lights I’ve reviewed, the anodising is flawless on my sample. The switch feels great with a positive ‘click’ sound when using it, despite being an electronic switch. The threaded sections are square in profile and have no binding or slop in them.

The design is also slick and smooth, but provides a good grip and feel when using the light.

The TR10 uses an XP-L HI with an OP reflector. I’m truly of the mindset that this is a wonderful combination for this class of flashlight. The slightly smaller reflector than it’s bigger brother the TR18 mean slightly less throw, but a wider spill beam. It really does make for a pleasant and versatile beam pattern.

Switch, UI & Performance:

The TR10 uses a single electronic side switch. This activates the light and selects modes. There is an electronic lock out for the light. The switch is positive use and makes a reassuring ‘click’ when pressed.

A full click turns the flashlight on.

Once on, the side switch scrolls through the modes. A click and hold will advance through the outputs.

From off click and hold will take you to moonlight.

My only lament on the UI is, there is no instant to max output. Which means you can easily scroll past it and have to start again.

In Actual Usage:
Size wise the TR10 compares well with other 16340 tube lights, although the rotating head does make it slightly longer than some. But it is significantly shorter than an 18650 light. The pocket clip provides anti roll capabilities.

I found the beam, tint and UI to all be great for EDC use. The low isn’t a moonlight in my opinion, just a low., but it is a suitable low setting, and the beam is ideal for general use.

Like the TR18 the TR10 also offers the angle light rotating head. And it also has a magnet in the tailcap.

Group shot with some other members of the Rofis family, showing how compact the TR10 is:

Not really my cup of tea, but thanks for the review!

Thanks for the review.

Received mine last week as a lucky GAW winner. Unfortunately, the light doesn’t turn on. Chicken Drumstick, do you know if its picky regarding batteries? I only have an efest button top (which works fine with other lights).


Thanks for your review / video. Nicely done.

S-L :slight_smile:

Nice review
Lovely pics man!

To answer my own question: with some extra effort I managed to get the battery tube out. There was some white-greyish stuff around the threads (was it supposed to be glued?). After removing that the light seems to work fine :slight_smile:

great to hear! :)

great to hear! :)

Any thoughts on using this as a headlamp? Looks like it could well do me for an ultra-lightweight option; I’ve got a strap here that’ll do the job.

I don’t have a Rofis, but I do have a few Thrunite TN20’s and a Klarus AR10. They also use the adjustable swivel head design. If I’m not mistaken, Klarus and Rofis collaborated together on the design or manufacture, not sure which. Anyway, my experience with using these in a headband is, it’s fine if your task doesn’t involve a lot of rapid movements. I wouldn’t take it jogging. Even hiking with it might be a bit problematic. The reason I say this is that because the reflector portion extends out (even though it’s just a little bit), in my experience, it provides enough leverage (angular momentum?) to adversely affect the stability of the light, causing it to want to rotate along it’s longitudinal axis when moving around. This is in comparison to a non-adjustable right angled headlamp say like a Nitecore HC30, or Xtar H2, etc… As far as working on a car or light duty tasks requiring a headlamp, I have had little to no issues.

Chicken Drumstick, regarding the pocket clip, have you tried reversing the battery tube? It’s been my experience with the AR10 and TN20’s that the tubes are threaded identically on both the tail cap and electronics end. If that’s true of the Rofis, based on your pics, reversing the tube may give you deep pocket carry, albeit LED down.

Thanks for the review! I’ve been sorely tempted!

Very good point Mkduffer and one I wouldn’t have even considered. It’s for trail running so will stick to the original plan for now (short tubing an H03R.)

Have you taken a look at the new Nitecore NU line? NU10, NU20 and NU30? I’ve looked at a few reviews, but haven’t pulled the trigger on any yet.

Looked at them all but not sold on any of them unfortunately. And I have trust issues with Nitecore at the moment.

The tube is irreversible.

That is unfortunate. I can’t understand the logic behind that. Assuming these are CNC milled, it requires twice the programming, unless the top and bottom are threaded in the same run. Even so, would require separate programming for the tail cap and head. Also, if they are identical, then the user can’t put them in the wrong way. If they are tapped and died old school style, it requires even more man power.

On a separate note, would be fun to watch these (or any high end lights) being manufactured.