Rolex makes watch rated for 7 miles.

It’s time for light makers to up their game and make lights rated for greater than 7 feet.

The watch you posted a link to is over $20,000. Most of the lights on this forum are under $100.

How much are you willing to pay for a light that has the capability of that Rolex watch.

Nice watch BTW.

A lot of lights can probably go deeper, they probably just aren’t tested for it.
It’s good to know that if I dive to the bottom of the ocean, my watch will still work well past the point where I would be dead.

I can see that.

It seems like a pointless feature; well, it is a pointless feature. My mental response was “so what?”

Useless toy watch while deep diving.

No, it’s not a useless toy watch while diving deep. We just have to find somebody who will wear it, outside a submarine. At 1,127 bar every organic material (except water) will be crushed.

This brings back old memories. Dutch cycling legend Wim van Est fell into a ravine in the 1951 Tour de France. He survived. This event led to the slogan: “I dropped 70m, my heart stopped, but my Pontiac (watch) kept on ticking ……”

You know you can get dive rated lights… Right? They often have magnetic ring, twisty or some king of magnetic switch, regular tail clickies get pressed in by the water pressure.

If you need a light rated for more than 7 feet, then compromises have to be made.

Video, or it didn’t happen. And not that computer generated animation they’re showing.
I can appreciate devices that go above and beyond, or in this case below and beyond. Almost all armytek flashlights and headlights are rated to 10 meters underwater. Is that important to most people? No. My last three phones can take photos and videos under water at 6.5 feet while controlled from external buttons. Is that important to most people? No. I do take some comfort in knowing that everything that I carry on a daily basis will survive if I was to fall into water. I will not be wearing a watch.

Finally an every day carry watch that can stand up to the conditions that I put myself through every day.
I would be in if it had an orange dive strap.

Helium escape valve—to let that sneaky helium get out after it leaks in.

Maryann’s Trench—named for that famous episode with the professor from the 3-hr tour

the rest

ps she died of covid dec 2020

More commonly known as “the rest”.

They have to justify 20k cost, and get selling points, obviously no one will use them 7 miles down, but people can brag about it, Rolex is a status item, it needs to have something others do not, even if it has 0 practical purpose

I guess kind of like lumens and megapixels.

Widely considered the greatest marketing company to ever exist.

Exactly. Rolex watches used to be sorta practical, way back 50+ years and more. They were provably more accurate than most other watches. They have become a status symbol rather than a practical item.

Well that is how we all are, we almost always get the most expensive thing we can afford, a guy who buys patek philippe for a million dollars, looks down and laughs at the guy who buys 20k rolex.

After getting into watches last year i care even less about rolex. very meh

I don’t know about the other members here, but some of us buy the thing that will do the best job, or have the longest service life, and so on, for what we want to spend. I at least, never buy something just because it is more/most expensive or carries a prestige name. My neighbor’s Mercedes-Benz needs repairs more often than my Toyota.