Rolex makes watch rated for 7 miles.

Yup, the average cheapo quartz watch is more accurate than any Rolex. Not as robust typically, but that can be found as well if you look for it.

If you are 7 miles underwater, a flashlight is the least of your worries

Yes but if you are scuba diving 7 miles down then the unidirectional bezel lets you keep track of your dive time without accident. This is very important so you don’t get “the bends”


I doubt you would say that if you bought it for $20k, wore it for 20 years, then sold it for $30k.

At least try one sometime. There is very little negative things I can say about the one I had.

The helium escape valve was developed by Rolex in order to overcome new limitations experienced by divers’ watches during saturation dives.
In a hyperbaric chamber, watches progressively fill with helium, as the atoms of this gas, present in the mix that the divers breathe, are so tiny that they can pass through the watch’s waterproof seals. During decompression phases upon ascent, if helium remains trapped, it can damage the watch and even cause the crystal to separate from the case. Invented by Rolex and patented in 1967, this safety valve activates automatically when the pressure inside the case is too high.

I think that the majority of lights with charging ports void any of the water pressure standards. Brand new and with care, yes; otherwise no.

7 miles deep really is a wank. Nobody is ever going to be down that deep unless they are in a submersible at normal atmospheric pressure. The average cheap casio digital will be overkill in a submersible. It’s a really comical claim / sales pitch.

“The Commodore’s watch…”

It does not contradict what i said.

Just quality of service of MB vs toyota worth extra that he pays. if he has to take his mb for a service, it is very different than when you bring your toyota, (assuming we are talking about new vehicles). As for cars themselves, there is a very big difference between toyota and MB. both will get you from a to b, but it is a very different experince.

BTw i don't think you are being totally truthful here, would you get a 1st class plane ticket, or an economy, if price difference did not mean anything to you? i have no doubt you'd fly 1st class.

Like Mercedes-Benz, which was famous for industrial-grade trucks.

Vostok military watches use a flat rubber washer between the crystal and the body. The higher the pressure the tighter the seal. Rolex upped this idea with a solid gasket. Diamond anvils also use a gasket that can seal at pressures that fracture diamond. I have been unable to find out what these are made of. I would use gold for the gasket under the glass or the aluminum oxynitride. Then I would build a bulkhead between the electronics and the battery compartment also using a flat seal. Don’t pass wires through the bulkhead but use metal contacts embedded into the bulkhead. Then make the battery compartment precision so there is no room for air or water. You could also use a flat gasket on the end cap though it would take some discipline to keep these clean enough to seal.


Sinn did it in 1993 with the fluid-filled Bell & Ross Hydro Challenger.

It got a facelift and different name in 2012 as the HydroMax.

That would be De Beers, and the gem/precious metal industry in general.

15,000 meters under the ocean – Omega’s newest Seamaster becomes the deepest diving watch of all time

Exactly. My neighbor inherited his father’s Rolex Daytona. It was serviced and appraised 5yrs ago at $190,000. Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona #6239 sold at auction for $17.8 million, believe it or not.

Kinda hard to use a watch that is strapped to the outside of your submersible…

This watch got my attention as the last time I went diving 7+ miles deep, my IWC watch took in water. I will tell you, it ruined my night.

That IWC cost me $9,000,000 That’s 9 million dollars.

I look forward to obtaining this watch albeit with a 19 year lead time.

I will update this post in 2042 when the dealer tells me the watch will be available for sale.

The expression was you bought Rolex for bling/status. You bought an Omega for accuracy. Have a few Omega’s and only 1 Rolex. Older Omega’s are even still affordable, relative to Rolex’s. Omega went upscale in the 80’s, pre-80’s are still “budget”.
A quartz will still be more accurate though. :slight_smile:

I would never buy a Rolex.
I would never buy a product made in Switzerland as i think its a parasite nation.