Romisen RC-C6 but in 1AA form factor at Manafont

Manafont is offering a Romisen RC-C6 in 1AA form factor. The RC-C6 in 123 variety is well known, but the 1AA I have never seen before. I like the RC-29 except for the very sharp tail switch.

I saw that too, but I wondered if it was mislabelled. If it had multiple modes I would buy it in a heartbeat.

The pictures and the length make me believe, that it is indeed a 1AA.

It seems that Romisen just made the front barrel of the body longer.

1AA (full flood - shortest) 123 (full flood - shortest)

The extension tube from the RC-N3 threads onto the CR123 C6 and lets you run two AAs in it. I imagine you'd need a spacer to do the same with this one.

It's probably the real deal. I remember a thread over on the DX forums about a AA version. I can't seem to find it now but it must have been at least a year ago, if not longer.

I'm definitely tempted to buy this light, even though I already own a RC-C6 which I haven't seen in ages, now that I think about it. From what I remember, it got quite hot fast on a fresh 16340 so it should be interested to see if the AA version can take a 14500 without frying itself.

i emailed manafont and their customer service guy, Jim, replied that this is indeed an AA version, not mislabelled. I forgot to ask if this light support 14500 though.

No spacer needed imo .... look at the wall thickness of the body.

The 123 is 3 mode the AA is 1 mode BTW.

This seems to be a new batch, the old C6 had anodized threads.

This Manafont version looks a lot nicer than this version with the ridiculous fins on the tail. This is a pretty good deal for a Romisen.

This has a rotating zoom instead of a push/pull zoom, correct?

I have never used a romisen rotating zoom, is it quick and easy like the push pulls?

About how many turns stop to stop?

The idea of a rotating zoom appeals to me, because it will stay that way even in storage, it's harder to change by accident, and it's more precise.

Just under three turns from full flood to full zoom. Personally, I prefer this to push-pull.

I meant for length, since the extension tube is longer than needed for one AA because it also has to accomodate the extra length of the first AA that sticks out of the CR123 head section. It works the same way it does on the RC-N3 with its CR123-sized front section.

Do you guys think a 14500 would work? If so I am going to order it to compare to my C78 which I love for its size. I am trying to find the perfect AA zoom to give as gifts to everyone

The AA version doesn't need an extension, the body is simply longer. I also assume the bore of the body is smaller... so an 123 would not fit the AA version, that's why I mentioned the thickness of the walls. They should have called it the c7 or c9 to avoid confusion. Also the threads on the new AA c6 and 123 c6 seem incompatible with the old 123 one. Current runs through the threads on the new ones and through the clicky plate on the old ones (anodized threads). Completely different lights.

This one works with 14500:

For gifts I'd buy the single-mode one though.

I know the rc29 and could not resist i ordered one .just to have a look at it . we will see.

I think we're getting our wires crossed here. I'm talking about putting TWO AA cells into the light. You can use the extension tube of the RC-N3 to do this with the CR123 version of the C6. It works because the N3 is itself a CR123-to-2*AA converting light, so the tube is just the right length.

Ah OK, I thought it was clear with the title of this thread that the "Romisen RC-C6 but in 1AA form factor at Manafont" is discussed here. ;-)

Also with the new tail-threads, I doubt that any existing extensions would fit.