Romisen RC-I3 vs. SAIK RC-A3?

Hi there,

I was looking at these two lights on DX, the Romisen RC-I3 and the SAIK RC-A3:


Although one is Romisen and the other is Saik, both of the pictures show the Romisen name. Both are brands of the same company, according to their website. I was wondering if anyone can comment on which is better in terms of quality. There seem to be some comments on DX that the Romisen RC-I3 is now coming with 3-modes. Can anyone confirm this? They both look like very nice lights. I would prefer a multi-mode.

I have the A3 and it is a nice AA light......havent tried it with a 14500 but it is bright enough for daily use.....its mostly an indoor light because of its big spot.

I like the form factor of both of these lights, but I prefer long runtime over brightness. So if I buy a single mode light, I generally look for the dimmer ones. On an AA battery how long do these lights produce "usable" light, as in usable for night reading?

Thanks for the replies!

I cant tell you anything about the I3 but according to BB its not as bright on AA......but since it has different formats i think it would be a good light to read by.

And what's the runtime like on your RC-A3?

I get about 1.5 hours......and then it starts dimming. Its the old Cree P2 emitter so its not going to be as bright as lets say a P4 or Q5.

Thanks. And how long does it provide dim but usable light?

Cant say in hours but at least it will give you enough time to find a new cell........the light i got from dx was on the warm side which i liked......kind of like an incan but with longer runtimes if you know what i mean.

Sounds pretty nice. I value runtime more than anything else, because I tend to imagine what would happen to me if I was lost without another battery. I have a $4.28 Powerlight that gives usable light for 24 - 48 hours on a dead Duracell AA that no longer powers my wireless mouse, and an Akoray K-106 that gives nice light for around 48 hours on a fresh Duracell AA.

Dont you use nimh cells......and where the hell do you live man, lol.

I value a nice long-runtime single AA light. I don't use nimh cells because I prefer to use what is locally available.

Understandable......we also have been having problems with power outages and its when the power goes out my lights come on and we wrap ourselves in blankets. Well i have an eneloop charger that im not using man, dont know how much shipping would be though.

I was sort of thinking about getting some some rechargeables from DX, they actually do ship here, for free, and it arrives in the mail a month later. Thanks for the suggestion!

You might as well that way you always have a fresh battery on hand......keep the alkies for emergency use.

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