Rovyvon Aurora A2x, A3x, A9

Rovyvon has updated their Aurora line.

  • There’s a copper variant, A9
  • The lights grew by 2.5 mm in length and 1.1 mm in diameter :frowning:
  • Battery capacity doubled from 130 to 260 mAh
  • Output is up from 550 to 650 lm with XP-G3 and from 350 to 450 with Nichia
  • There are a couple of UI changes as well

Thanks. Interested in the A23 Pro. Maybe this is going to be my first RovyVon. :sunglasses:

I ordered the 650lm A2 a week ago and I am waiting for it to arrive. It will be interesting to see that level of light from such a small package.

Thanks for the heads-up Agro :wink:
These are looking great :wink:

Nice. I missed this topic at first, because it didn’t come up in the search so I started one in “keychain” sub forum.

The A28 looks interesting to me, although not keychain size. The A9 looks really nice. I just wish they had made a provision for a side emitter. I know it would’ve added cost to drill a hole in the metal casing… but that side light on the A5, A7, and A8 is so useful.

I ordered the A28 today. I’ll give you my impressions when it arrives! Looks nice

What do you think of it?

I’m surprised that there are hardly any reviews of RovyVon lights these days, especially after this new wave of model releases…

Bought these from I saw some pics and the tint looked very rosy but in real life it is not. The DUV is the same typical 219C positive DUV (above BBL). I'm also not a fan of the double click to turn on but I understand that is to prevent accidental activation when in the pocket.

Measurements taken at 2s measured with the Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with Maukka lights and Sekonic C-800-U

Aurora A3x Highest 343 lumens 5191K 0.0019 DUV 94.2 CRI 78.4 R9 72.2 R12 88 Rf 96 Rg included battery
Aurora A9 Cu Highest 343 lumens 4932K 0.0031 DUV 92.9 CRI 73.3 R9 65.0 R12 87 Rf 96 Rg included battery

Interesting. Looks like Nitecore is stealing RovyVon design. TIKI.

Bought a Royvon A23 last year, quite impressed by its supposed output of 1000lm. Very bright for a key chain.