RRT01 incoming, more to be had at a decent price

Many moons ago, when I was more active in the flashlight world, I subscribed to ebay listings for the RRT01. I’ve never seen one listed for less than $75 or so. Today I got a notice for a new RRT0a for $45 (+$8 shipping). I was in a bit of a hurry, figured I wouldn’t see that price again, and bought “it”, or so I thought. Turns out there are 6 more “its” to be had. I’m assuming this is a post 2019 or whatever date the original changed, but I wanted to experiment with the rotary dial and such. There’s more to be had if anyone else is interested.

great price, thanks for the heads up
I dont know if the extensions can be purchased separately somewhere, if you want the option

personally, 18350 fits without extensions… thats how I roll

Exactly my goal also. My D4 shorty, which has been used and abused for 2-3 years, has a “soft” button. Figured I would give this a shot as a replacement.

that will be an interesting comparison, the beam profiles are different

so glad your D4 has held up to your abuse

check out this 2 year old RRT-01, that rides next to a Leatherman!:

That’s great! Hope I get many a year from mine. Thanks for sharing!

I know this light is not as capable, in that there aren’t special modes. I used strobe and bike mode fairly frequently, and of course a light with battery check is superb. But, I’m really looking forward to checking out the rotary intensity adjustment. I think I might have had one for a day or two a few years ago, but if I did I turned it over quickly for some reason.

it does have a strobe btw, but its claim to fame is the intuitive simplicity of the UI.

fwiw you have the option to just leave the switch On, and dial all the way down for off…

the main items I upgrade, are the LED, and I like to add some firmer grease thru the control ring hole… nyogel 767a that I get from Oveready

Im also a fan of the short pocketclip option

Its been so longs since I looked at flashlights I had forgotten. Certainly the twist adjustment is unique (ish).

I’m interested to see “how low I can go” in terms of leaving it on like you suggest but just the minimum light out. My D4 has an aux board of sorts, that there’s a dozen tiny colored LEDs that are always on, and it draws like 1mA. Takes several weeks to drain the battery if I don’t use the light. Makes finding it in the dark a cinch usually.

I’ve read about the grease, I may look into that if the disassembly/reassembly isn’t difficult. Am I correct thinking if the light seems fine in terms of adjustment, the grease doesn’t buy anything, such as longevity? re: clip, time will tell if I go down that road or not, but thanks for the enlightenment. :wink:

unfortuately it is not practical to use the RRT-01 on dimly overnight as a locator, it has a much higher parasitic drain (dead battery in 3 days if 24/7 on any low mode)

the grease is only for luxury, and can be applied thru a hole in the dial of the 2020 model without disassembly. The LED swap is thru the bezel, and is quite straight forward.

I dont have any Brilliant suggestions for a locator option on the 2020

the listing is for a 2020 RRT-01, the most recent version, still an excellent price

Power consumption of the mcu is more than Led itself when at lowest modes bright.
Guess it can differ by year version of RRT-01