Rustu XL-03 mini zoom Sipik 68 replacement - review and mod

I am looking forward to seeing the beamshots
Compared with stock.
Very impressive attention to details

Got a Rustu XL-03 (gold color) from I forget where; came in generic white box; the pill has the usual couple of little holes meant to take plier tips to unscrew it, but danged if I can get it to turn at all.


EDIT — just had to lean on it harder to get the pill to unscrew. This pill is hollow, though there is a solid flat piece behind the emitter.
Was hoping for a more solid pill. Rats.

Ordered another one 5/22; this one from DX; it arrived today, this one in a Rustu box. $5.99, black.
Slightly different lens; compared to the first one, this one’s lens projects a bit behind the threaded bezel it’s imbedded in.

Seems to be the same hollow pill.

Slightly bigger diameter for the orange button on the switch

Different driver (compared to the first, this one has a slightly smaller diameter center positive contact.
Driver on this one has a text label — “JX2205” in white letters — in the black ring outside the center contact point

Both have ‘next mode memory’

Meanwhile: checking later on, following the link at DX — the page now has (or maybe always had)
“This SKU has more options in
That leads to a
$4.80 (black only) price but
with “registered airmail” shipping added, comes to almost the same price. Hmm, free if I buy five of them, no, no, must control myself ….

So I tried the DX “price match” link and asked if these are really the same flashlight.
Not that I expect whoever answers to know that, but hey … they’re supposed to be able to say if it’s exactly the same product, to match the price.