S-Mini Future Proof?

E1320 and I have been discussing the ShiningBeam S-Mini XM-L T6.

He rides with it on his helmet, and I'm looking for similar usage. At 46 grams, its incredibly light, and I could run two of them on my helmet if I really needed to.

BTW, because I'm coming from mountain biking background, I compare all lights to those specifically made for MTB. Waterproof, run-time, and lumen output are important key aspects of the light I'm looking for. Exposure Joystick Mk6 and Diablo Mk 3 are my benchmarks. These are expensive purpose built lights, but they blow away the competition in lumen output for an all-in-one package.

So anyway, back to the S-Mini. After my first post, I realised that a single CR123A is not going to give me the power I was looking for, and E1320 suggested the S-Mini for its excellent build quality, under-rated 400 lumens and 2 hour run time on high.

However, it seems that while the rest of the world is out there modding P60s and other cheap lights for both longer run time and more lumens, the S-Mini is more or less locked into its under-driven status.

So my question is:

Does the S-Mini have an upgrade future?

Will Shining Beam ever give us an S-Mini that needs a disclaimer?

For those of who want today's XM-L T6 S-Mini, is there an easy way to push a few more lumens out of it?

Higher output driver.


You buy it.

You fry it.

Its yours.

I keep saying 400 or 500 lumens you can't see the difference ..It means nothing inverse square law is a law about gravity .. it's about light I't's about radio waves .. doubling your power or output isn't that big a deal .. if you can't see it It only means runtime ..

best example is the fenix everyone just bought .. 2 modes

  • High-quality Cree XP-E LED operates in 2 brightness levels—150 lumens on high and 48 lumens on low; a simple twist of the head adjusts the brightness.

now ask yourself a 300% gain in lumens has to be substantial right ?????

it isn't .....ask 60 people on this site who bought one ....

it feels like 150 and 120 .. but it isn't ....it's 150 and 48 .. runtime is 2 hrs. 15 min. of use on high and 11 hrs. on low

if you want bright and cheap buy the uf 2100 and stuffa few batteries in your pocket ..and buy excellent batteries too .panasonic 2900 or better