S2 Driver Removal Problem

I removed the pill but the retaining ring holding the driver….I am unable to turn it counterclockwise with even with a retainer ring tool.

I guess, you are not strong enough :smiling_imp:
Just kidding. I think you got mixed up.

The retainer ring of the switchboard of an S2 is clockwise, that of an S2+ is counterclockwise.
The retainer ring IN the pill has a regular clockwise thread for S2 and S2+. As has the pill itself.

If I understand you correctly, it is clockwith to put both of them in….and of course counter clockwise to remove them….which is what I thought as I am able to remove the pill. However, I can’t seem to get the retention ring off even using dedicated retention ring plyers.

Some lights have reverse threads.

Sure, but have S2(+) lights up the wazoo, and all of them have a clockwise retaining ring in the pill.
Anyway the “stock” versions I bought from Convoy, Banggood, Gearbest or Fasttech.

However, new round, new deck of cards.
What driver are you talking about. A 6*7135AMC or 8*7135AMC is almost ALWAYS soldered in, no ring.
Could it be you see a structure/part of the driver and you think that it is a retainer ring, while it’s not?

If you are absolutely sure you are dealing with a retaining ring you could use this trick.
I have somewhere seen a picture of it (by CRX?) but can’t find it no more.
Take two stainless steel nails of al least 3” and sharpen the points on a bench grinder.
Put these nails in the openings in the ring in such a way that the nails cross just above the spring.
Take note of the right order: the nails should be “locked”. And twist the nails as if it were chopsticks.
No ring can withstand that kind of force.

It is imperative that the force is equally devided on both sides of the ring.

Good luck.

Thanks. I foolishly purchased the lowest amperage with only 3….that is why I have a retaining ring….no regulators on the other side. I want to take the driver out and put more regulators in……I have a bunch of them. It definitely is not soldered

Since I have a dedicated retaining ring set of plyers….wtih different “points” I should not need the nails.

So, again, to be clear….to remove the retaining ring….counter clockwise…which is the same for the pill itself.

What is the best way to add the regulators to increase power?

Yes, to remove the retaining ring of the driver turn it counter clockwise.

There are a lot of threads about adding more 7135AMC to you driver board (stacking), try this one for size.

Steady hands is a must! Use a thin/small soldering tip.
Add heaps of flux and use as little solder as you need so you don’t bridge the pins. Its fairly easy to make the chips works its much harder to stack them (Add more on top of others). The pins work straight from the pack flat so there should be no need to bend pins if i remember correct.
I think using soldering paste would be easiest way overall the solder should want to stay to the pads and not bridge if you don’t use to much.

If its to much for you Fasttech sell these for about 2 dollars a pop. I find soldering tiny objects hard cause my hands shake bad.