S2+ emitter swap

Picked up a very nice Convoy S2+ a couple months ago and overall its a nice light. Problem is the XPL HI just doesn’t offer a very nice beam. Cold blue hotspot with a bit of a rainbow in the spill. Just not ideal. So I have one or two changes in mind…

1. OP reflector. Are these available anywhere? I only see SMO on ali…
2. Different emitter. With the standard 16mm MCPCB this will be easy. Just not sure if I want to stick with XPL HI and go with a 80+cri warm or if I want a 219c. Thoughts?

I only order Convoy lights through Simon’s aliexpress store. Great customer service. Not sure this will get you where you want to go but he does have an OP reflector for the S2+

I went with the 219c and couldn’t be happier. great led for this light.

I have S2’s with XPL’s, SST’s, Samsung’s, and Nichia’s. My favorite by far is the Luxeon V2 at 5000K. Very close second is the Nichia, second only because it gets so hot at higher outputs. Samsungs LH351 looks too green to me at lower levels and the SST is too throwy for me in a S2. Though I love the 4000K SST-20 in other lights. I don’t have any SMO’s in any of my S2+’s. They just aren’t useful to me in those lights. Most have OP’s and a few have the pebbled 60 degree TIR’s.

Lots of options and none of them will cost you a small fortune. Try a few and find the one that works for you.