S2+ Metal Rear Switch Install Question

I just picked up a couple metal switches for my Convoy S2+ and Convoy 8. They do not fit they are smaller than the diameter of the hole. Could I have bought the wrong ones or is there something I’m missing here?


As far as i can remember (don't have them at hand now) the ones with metal switch have a different tail :

  • Maybe 2mm longer
  • Smaller hole for the metal button

At some point i was about to order metal buttons for some of my "normal" S2+ but i could not see how it could work directly (maybe there is a workaround, i have not searched thoroughly)

The tailcap-combo’s are interchangeable, separate components like retaining ring and switches are too.
However, the button-caps (metal <=> rubber) are not interchangeable.

The metal switches will only fit some of the Convoy S2+ flashlights: blue, red, green, silver, desert tan. The black and grey (and the 18350 version) will not accomodate them properly!

However, it has been done before. I remember Jerommel (i guess) showing some pictures about that, even with a C8 modded with those. However, you’ll have to mod the flashlight to make them fit!

EDIT: The metal switch also fits the other coloured versions: violet, orange, cyan!! It also doesn’t fit the copper one!!

Well that sucks because I bought 3 of them. Both my S2+ and C8 are gray. I guess I’m SOL, lol!

It may be possible , but it will take some work!
Take a look here for some inspiration:
Maybe asking to the authors of the mods can help on that :wink:

Probably can fill the gap with colored epoxy. Or clear epoxy and use a lighted switch board.

The collar on the left needs to thread into the tailcap from the outside.

The tailcap has a threaded hole in the end for the above collar to thread into.

These metal switch assemblies will not install into other tailcaps.

Technically I’m more concerned with getting a metal switch on my Astrolux S41s than my S2+. Anyone have info on that??