S21B questions


I’m very impressed with the Osram 21B. Couple of questions:

1) If I run it on an 18650 am I sacrificing power output or just runtime? I think my cell maxes out at 5A so if the driver is 6A it could possibly be slightly brighter with a higher current cell?

2) Pretty sure this is the right size for a forward clicky but just want to check: 2.5€ |10A vorwärts schalter + 20mm PCB + gold überzogene kupfer frühling|Tragbare Beleuchtung Zubehör| - AliExpress

Much thanks

1.Maybe.Osram has a low Vf, so it maybe can drain 6A of a low discharge battery, but the drop in output will occur faster as the cell discharges.

2. I don’t know, but Simon can answer you on Aliexpress.

*I wonder if would be possible to built one with FC40 or Xhp70. Looks like it uses a 22mm driver. Would just need to increase the reflector hole.

Anyone happen to know what the max discharge current for a ARB-L21-5000U is?

Simon said that switch won’t fit the S21B. Not sure if that just means without cutting the rubber tailcap, have asked.

Anyone know of a forward switch that does fit?

Simon said he doesn’t have a switch that fits the S21B. I am still tempted to try that 20mm one though to see if I can make it fit.

Ok so I’m pretty sure the 20mm forward clicky will fit because the 17mm one fits and works perfectly with the rubber cut, it’s just a bit too narrow to be ideal for the light. Got the 20mm ones on order now.