S70 head removal? How do I unscrew this thing?

Hi!Been modding my thorfire s70, and now I’ve reflowed an xhp70.2 on it, works great no problem. But i can’t get my leads soldered low enough, reflector shorts out, so I have to run an extra spacer to clear leads, which makes me not able to tighten it down fully. So how do I unscrew the head to make it easier to get tl solder leads properly? I put it in the oven, cause the threads seem to be glued. Any ideas how to get the head to unscrew?

I got REAL ANGRY!!! :wink:

No joke! I heated it up with a hair dryer and kept twisting with everything I had, and it slowly, and I mean ever so slowly, started to turn. They had so freaking much thread locker on it, it was crazy, probably thinking they needed to totally seal every one of them threads? :FACEPALM:

You could try heat and 2 strap wrenches?

Is it normal right hand thread? Oven didn’t do anything lol maybe a torch or a heatgun? Is it any easier to solder when the head is off? I can never get the solder joints flat enough lol. Thanks man!

Correct Lefty loosy,righty tighty! Watch the heat or you’ll turn the ano into a different color! :smiley:

Oh yeah bro, way easier to solder, specially if your going to use 18awg leads!

But you could always solder the leads on the board first and then drop it in, then solder the driver too!

Your welcome! Good Luck! :wink: :THUMBS-UP:

Angle grind the head of! :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if you cant get the head undone you can always put electrical tape on the connections or on the reflector which will give you electrical isolation. Ive done it on a few lights just for extra safety.

If you heat it up with a heat gun try turn it at the same. One hand heat gun other hand turn the head. Throw it in a vice or clamp it down so the light doesn’t move.

In the oven its a pain because the hole light is hot.

I bought one of these (its a strap wrench) For this job it helps some times.

I have since upgraded to a couple of these Rigid brand strap wrenches and still some of the bezels like on the SD75 put up a great fight, even with heat and freeze cycling! :FACEPALM:

Done a few Surefire mods too and they really like to use the RED thread locker! }(