Sad Day

I just learned that someone I knew in high school recently passed away.

She was a few months older than me, and we dated a little in high school.

She died from breast cancer.

I have not kept in touch with my high school friends, but I will miss her dearly.

Honestly, I am in shock, even though I haven't talked to her in decades.

She was only 43 years old.

So sad.

Sorry for your loss. I’ve experienced similar when a close friend committed suicide. Looking back there were signs but at the time nobody really put it together. Just a reminder that every day is a gift, treat it like your last.

Sorry to hear that. It hits harder when it’s someone the same age or younger then us… Happened to me a couple times already. The bad news is it happens more and more often as we age.

As Relampago says, each new day is a gift we should enjoy as the last one.

Sorry for your loss.

I’ve had some close friends pass recently and it is a reinforcement to the notion of thinking I should stop “saving” things and start living the life I want to live. I’v been so conservative for so many years, hoping to set things up so I can have a good retirement and not be worried about stuff. I think I still made the good play, but I am ready to start going on adventures and living my life.

I recently decided to focus on things I love (flashlights are high on that list apparently,) and really divest myself of the things I don’t care about anymore: cars, collectibles, stuff that is special, but really i don’t use them or care for. I’m most importantly starting to remove routine out of my life, and getting comfortable with the thought of not knowing what is going to happen next, that has been hard.

Sorry to hear about your loss.
It’s always sad. but. we all do it, some sooner than others. Just b4 my 50th, I decided I’d had enough.
Living by myself on my boat was a great life. Working 12 hr shifts 14 on 7 off (days)
all yr for decades.
Lotsa money BUT…
Packed gear in boat. Sailed round for Aust for 12 months or so. (did the lap)

Best thing I ever did. revitalised every part of me. Several new Girl friends (2 together in Perth).

Went back to work for a few yrs after that but only part time. Dragline relief pays good bickies.

Do what YOU can when/While you can.
You never know.

Happened to me too. Close friend. Straight A student in high school. He’s my gaming bro and my teacher.
Highschool ended, we went on separate ways. I finished college and started working, he studied medicine and out of nowhere decided to suicide.

Probably my saddest feeling was not knowing why he did that but he was a cheerful guy

Sorry for your loss RC, another reason to keep in touch with the good old friends from yesteryear.

May she rest in peace…

Each of us has an expiration date and we don’t know what that date is, but knowing that fact (or even the date) doesn’t make things any easier when we see someone go that we cared about.

The one thing that makes it easier for me is, if I know they had faith in the Savior and were headed to the better place. Because then I know I’ll see them again, and we’ll rejoice together.

I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Thoughts and prayers.

Sorry. :cry:

Very sorry for your loss. I can definitely relate…

I had a friend back in late 1990’s who was initially a co-worker, but we kept in touch after we left the company for different jobs. I’d see him at least a couple times a month while I lived out in the SF Bay Area. When I came back to the East coast, visitation happened a lot less. Then we fell out of touch, got back in touch for a few years, then fell out of touch again around 2013.

In April of 2015, I reached out to him but didn’t hear back. Figured he was just busy. A couple weeks later, I get a message from a former mutual friend (she and I had fallen out of touch). He had died of a heart attack at work. He was just 1 year older than me. It was such a shock. I felt really bad that I hadn’t reached out to him sooner…

I’m very sorry for your loss.

A colleague recently passed away recently after falling down while gardening in his yard. It was very sudden and unexpected as he was in good health prior to that. It’s quite a shock when someone passes without the warning of a long illness in advance.

We just learned last week that my father in law has cancer.

Eff cancer!

My condolences. Life can be difficult and sad at times. Thanks for your posts over the years.