Safe charge rate for 2000mAh LiIo battery

I do know that .5C - .7C is the normal recommended charge rate. So, 1Amp charge rate should be fine, right? (1C rate would be 2 amps?)

Just wondering then why so many manufacturers provide .1C - .2C (or less) charge rates in the chargers they provide with devices that use LiIO batteries?

Is it that the lower charge rate simply increases the life span of the battery?

Yes, it will increase lifespan by a nice amount.

Personally, I will use .2C for my cells if I only need them tomorrow, and .5C if I need them quickly, and 1C if I want super fast charge.

Very helpful reply. Thanks!

I do not agree. Yesterday I’ve thrown away two very seldom used (and with 500mA charged) AW 16340. They were rated with 750mAh, my MC3000 told something about 300mAh but only with 500mA discharge-current. With more usable capacity reduced dramatically. The other ones worked normally. I think, batteries are wear material. No one here will know if they are dead because of slightly high charge-current or only because they are old. After a couple of years they are all ready to change to new ones.