Safe current for SST20(WxH J4) hiCRI 4000k and Nichia 219c d240 hiCRI 4000k and Samsung LH351D 4000k hiCRI?


I am struggling with my first mod and I am stuck on selecting appropriate current levels for these diodes. I would like to know if it is safe to drive them with 3000 - 3200 mA current?

all 3 absolutely save on DTP LED board

Thanks a lot.

Are DTP MCPCBs from Kaidomain fine?

This I how estimate where I want to be with current or just to see how many lumens I should be making at a certain current. A few members here have already give us a guide with their led test data. Most test are done on copper mcpcb attached to a big chunk of aluminum, usually the tester has provide the information on how the test was performed in the data.

If using a direct drive driver or FET driver you can also look at battery discharge graphs to match the vf of the led at a certain current to estimate the output of the led.
Say you have a battery that at 5 amps of load sags to 3.7v, now go look at the led test data and see where the vf becomes 3.7v if its at a current of around 5 amps then that’s the estimated output. As long as the battery voltage is above the vf of the led the current will climb until they meet or the led blows if its more than the led can stand in direct drive. With direct drive or FET your looking for the place where battery load voltage is equal to the led load vf at a certain current. The test data is a very useful guide.

Thank you very much. Your explanation helped me a lot.

They are good, i’ve used some of them in my mod, the only problem is they are a little thin, so it may messes with your focus point