Safe to go thinner wires for added resistance?

I want to play more with going thinner wires like 24-26 gauge wires to get amperage where I’d like it to be. Is it safe to do with builds?

The wires are going to get hot if you do this. Be sure your insulation is rated for that heat. And remember any testing you do at room temperature will be a bit wrong since the temp inside the flashlight gets so much warmer.
To a small extent, this can work. But I don’t recommend it.

Thanks, I had a feeling I’d experience this.


It really depends on how much current your trying to push thru the wire. If its too much it can melt the sheathing and turn the wire bright orange like a light bulb.
I have used this chart as a guide, they are some variables because we only use less than a inch of wire and this chart is for chassis wiring.

Good stuff! Will use this as a general guideline

You may try to make the wires longer.

i would not do that.

especially if the wires start to get red hot, or you do not know if they will or not, or you are also depending on matching cell max current to the application

because what happens when you forget and use a higher current battery?

wire melts, fires start, leds fail, etc

if you can be SURE the wires will not get hot, then ok

but how can you account for ambient temp, different battery capability, etc?