Saik SA-305 modded )

I did a little modding to my Saik SA-305. Not sure of the lumens output lol. It is however one hell of a thrower!!

It is 2W of 445nm, dual flex drivers running at 1.825A and will be powered by a single 26650IMR. Right now its being powered by 3x Powergenix NiZn AA's until my 26650's arrive.

Wow that is very cool. Any chance you can put links up to the parts list?

The drivers for the laser diode can be bought here-

The laser diode/aixiz module/lens can be bought from various members here-

The heatsink was made by a member there also who just announced he is discontinuing selling.

Whoa! That hurt my eyes even from the pictures! What a monster. Well done! Just don't point it at innocent planets, remember what happened to Alderaan...