[Sale] 7. batch DD 1S/2S Bistro HD OTSM/NarsilM/Anduril drivers 12-47.5mm size S2+, C8, H03, MT03, Q8 Clicky or E-switch

What does 1S and 2S stand for? One-sided and two-sided? :blush:

1s = single cell (4.2v)
2s = two cells in series (8.4v).

A 2s driver is not a buck driver for running a 3v les off 2 series cells, they’re all linear drivers unless specifically called something else*, the led voltage has to match the input voltage.

*Lexel does have some buck drivers.

Hey Lexel, let me know if you need any other info from me. Thanks!

Hi Lexel do you have a driver for BLF GT with a xhp70.2?

last time I saw your post on FT03 thread, I do recall that your are going to build Ft03 mosfet driver anduril?? I think it is now still in progress?

yes I have the boards here but need some time to test the linear drivers and tune them

H03 driver with Andúril arrived yesterday, and while I had some other duties, I couldn’t resist the temptation and initiated “late night soldering” sequence to revive my driver-dead H03 as soon as possible. It had been lurking in the shadows for too long. I already had some expectations, but wow, with this new heart and brain, this headlamp is a whole new species now! Driver build is awesome. Paired with the mighty sword UI, the lamp now has tons of super functionality, better flexibility, yet is even easier to use (single click to off is simply more natural).
Many thanks!

Wow, greats!

How does it differ from original driver? Improvement? Efficiency?

I’m also had a thought that ft03 had some flaw in it driver, I’ll just guessing those. His booster?idk…

But hopefully you will filling those gap…

FT03 driver is to supply a steady (lower) fixed current for small die LEDs like Osram White Flat

Much less lumens but much more throw

Did this weekend a lot of drivers

Hello Lexel,

I would like to get an Anduril driver for a H03, with a long spring as the light currently shuts off with slight knocks or jolts.


Hi Lexel,

Could I place an order for a Skilhunt H03 driver with Anduril please?

Thanks, Dan

I got a problem with recent H03 design and had to order a new one, will take a bit time

That’s cool. I couldn’t make make a driver myself, so I can sure wait for you!

new batch of 21mm drivers have arrived yesterday

Excellent news!
Could I please have two, with longer springs and flashed with Anduril?

PM me your payment details and I’ll sort that out today :smiley:


I’d also like to get an H03 driver with Anduril, please.

Hi Lexel, would you be able to share the mode tables you use for the stepped ramp levels in anduril for the H03 driver? I’m interested in which modes use just the 7135s for regulated output. Thanks.

stepped ramp is calculated by the firmware there are no discrete levels, also the Ramp ceiling plays likely a role

Hi Lexel,do you have a driver for Q8 xhp35? I would like place an order.