[SALE ENDED] EXTRA LEDs (Osram, SST-20, LH351D, XHP35/70, 219C, etc)

All orders shipped, still have more LEDs. Maybe 35 or 40 left of the 3500K

If anyone is feeling adventurous here is what the LEDs do when sliced:

S2+ light OP reflector, low to high (5-6A):

CCT = 3215K (Duv –0.0001)
CCT = 3247K (Duv –0.0002)
CCT = 3288K (Duv –0.0007)
CCT = 3332K (Duv –0.0030)

That is not much CCT shift. They do land nicely on top of the BBL :slight_smile:

Just curious has anyone tested how shaving affects the amount of blue light output? I’m guessing since you are only cutting off the transparent silicone and not really removing the phosphor, the amount of blue light emitted shouldn’t change much but just wonder if anyone knows.

The domed shape of silicone is essential for the function, makes sure that as many as possible photons hit the surface close to perpendicular to it, so that internal reflection is minimised and thus photon extraction maximised.

When the dome is shaved off, the surface is flat and much more internal reflection occurs, photon extraction decreases, and also more photons have an extra chance of hitting the phosfor. Especially the blue photons are absorbed by the phosfor and converted to photons of longer wavelength.

The result is that overall a bit less light exits the led, a reduction of the blue peak and increase of green and red.

:+1: thanks for the detailed explanation!

I installed the LH351D 3500k this past weekend in one of the FW3A’s I have and I must say this is a really nice led. Even with a narrow optic, the beam is a little wide. It adds a wonderful warm glow to everything and really is nice in the outdoors.

Good reasoning djozz.

I’m going to reserve the remaining 3500K LEDs for my own stash and one last potential buyer.

If people still want more you can certainly post your interest here and I may buy another 100x if there is demand but it seems like people are not so interested in LH351D compared to 5 year old 219B LED, lol. Alternatively, US buyers can buy from DigiKey for the higher cost per LED+shipping. Wasn’t out to make money just wanted more people to try a good LED :slight_smile:

The other random LEDs are still available and I am willing to do envelope shipping world wide.

Can I still buy some of the 3500K LH351D LED’s? Maybe 10x? I don’t mind paying more for international shipping. I think I paid around $13 the few times I bought LED’s from azhu.

Give me until mid/end of coming week to gauge interest and see what last buyer wants. I also want to make sure more of my international packages arrive just in case.

I’ll take 2 x 3500K 351D and the 1 3000K MZ on a letter if they’re still available.

I got a few PMs so I’ll decide this week if it makes sense to order more.

I think I shipped more international than domestic so still waiting to see if that comes back to bite me!

All good feedback so far from the LEDs and one arrived to EU so far in good shape.

Thanks contactcr

The Lumintop optic is a diffused lense so output loss is between Carclo 10507 and 10508. I’m pretty sure you are using the 10507 in the SST-20 version, so considering this, your results are very good. Btw, have you compared the turbo output?

BlueSwordM thinks he may be able to get a good batch of 4000K LH351D so i’m going to hold off on buying more 3500K until more details are available on that.

Just reporting the leds landed safely in Poland. Very smart packing. Many thanks.

I’d like three Luxeon V2 5000K.

PM sent

Letter received a week ago in Europe