Sales promotion: N-Light brand Flashlight from

Hello Blfers,

Good news: The whole price of N-light flashlight have been REDUCED by a large margin.

From May 25th To June 5th, we'll do a sales promotion for N-Light products.

In this period, Blfers purchase N-Light Flashlight will get free shipping (by HK registered airmail post)

Also as usual, 10% blf discount will be available in this promotion.(The discount only apply to retail order less than 10 pieces)

N-Light catalogo:

Some pics of N-light Series; For more pics and details , please check the above link.




The procedure of Promotion order is as below:

1.Make an order in our webstore,

2.List your BLF Name in the post scrip row,

3. then a pp invoice will be sent to you to complete the order.

This promotion will be cut-off by June 5th. Please take the opportunity if you have interet in N-light flashlights.

HK senso Electronics Co, Ltd reserve the final explaination for this sales promotion.

If any question, please post here or send email to

We'll take care of you.

Best Regards!


You're torturing me! Tongue out

I wish this promotion was up a few days ago. I just bought a Xeno E03 the other day and if this deal was going, I probably would have bought a B2S instead. $27 for a B2S shipped is one great deal.

Man, that Atomic Bomb is the BOMB!

I've added a B2S to the cart, processed and am waiting for PP invoice...Hope I did everything correctly.


Is it possible to get the B3 or B2S with solid state rather than electric switches? I'd defintely be interested if that were the case.

This promotion also puts the L2 at under $17 shipped. That's a very good price for a light for a potential XM-L mod.

B3 is electric switch; While B2S uses Stainless Steel clicky switch.



Hello guys,

ATTENTION:We have to remove the B2S from the sales. The new batch of B2S seems to encounter a problem with the switch, it's not so stable in this batch.