Same Driver? XM-L 3000mA (Huge Photos)

These two drivers are pure identical but still but the descriptions are not absolute identical


Current: 3000mA
- Voltage: 6-18V
- 3-Modes: high, low, fast strobe


Input Voltage: 8.4V-12V

Anyone tested any of these? Can they have different input voltage and look absolute identical, I've looked for every detail possible.

2.2cm x 2.2cm x 1.4cm

Those are huge and 10 grams to.

I have the DX driver sitting in front of me at this time; I'm getting ready to use it as the driver in an XML Mag mod. I don't have the KD driver to compare it to though. I'll be running it in a 3D mag with 3.6V D-sized lithium primaries.

Why would they make the modes "- 3-Modes: high, low, fast strobe" High Medium Low would be a far better choice.

Those modes are really OK for me. Especially when this could driver a powerful light.