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Okay guys I wanna use my light and drop in a XM-L with a Red lens and a gun mount and a gun switch. The XM-L is a single mode right? Can someone add links to all the things I have described? One other quick thing, the XM-L in my light will give me a spot light type beam right?



One other quick thing, the XM-L in my light will give me a spot light type beam right?


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For your intended use... The XM-L is a poor choice. Yes it's bright...wicked bright...and with a smooth reflector it can made to throw, but you'll need a much bigger reflector than what your 502B is capable of handling. Also the insane amount of spill will mess with you when you try to use the scope ( been there, tried that...). So, here's what you can do:

Buy the Skyline II for ~ $28.50

and swap out the front lens with this red one for ~ $3

and if you want to get fancy, here's a remote switch and mount for a little over $16

All said and done it's just under $50 shipped (and all from the same site - convenient!)

- OR -

Buy the Skyray 1JC8 and some red cellophane tape for < $15 like Budgeteer suggested in the last post.

In the end, it really comes down to personal preference. As I stated, I use the Tiablo A9 with an aspheric lens which gives absolutely zero spill, but throws like a fiend... (and will outthrow any xml / p60 combo you could make). It's not really a budget setup, so if you feel you need/want to extend how much you're willing to pay then there are a lot more options.

You want some one to do the leg work for you ? /

DX has the single mode XM-L . both DX and KD should have colored filters ...

The reason I am asking someone to do the leg work is because I dont know what to order.

What does XM-L stand for and the whole mode thing, is that controlled in the L.E.D. assembly or is it in the switch? You cannot even fathom my ignorance in this matter. However if you asked me troubleshooting questions on a heavy diesel engine I am your man. What I am trying to do is build a light that will be as bright or brighter than some of the $100+ lights my friends are buying, you guys seem to really know your stuff and that is why I came to you. I have the money and the willingness to learn. I would love to show my friends what they could have for alot less money. I would be sure to give credit where it is due! Match thanks for all the info. out of curiosity what kind of money are we talking on your Tiablo?

XM-L = latest emitter = lots of power ... [ Up to 3Amp current , and good output ] Lots of power ...

Before that , XP-G [ Good output , up to 1.5A current ]

Before that , XP-E [ Good output , up to 1A current ]

Before that XR-E [ Still good , rated to 1A though most should handle 1.5A ] XRE offers a tighter beam , which will throw further ..

If you want a flashlight now , something to tide you over the learning curve , then almost any large head XR-E single 18650 light with High - Med - Low , and the flashy modes , will serve you well .

Making an educated choice now ? Sure folks will offer you there opinions on what you will want but there is the rub , you really dont know what you want .

Anything from a P60 host [ XR-E ] and up will do the job .

If you surf [ window shop ] , go to and look at whats available , spend a week just looking at the lights .. Familiarize yourself with sizes , batteries etc ..

You want a light , batteries and charger .. + that red filter .. Id recommend this charger ...

Simply a recommendation to tide you over , till you learn what you want .

^ hes got a point. you dont really know what you want because you havent taken the time to learn about the LEDs and bodies out there.

take your time and mull through this forum. there is PLENTY of information and links.

i already stated two good options in your last thread


out of curiosity what kind of money are we talking on your Tiablo?


Here, let me google that for you...

I hope you guys enjoy what you are good at, I will do the same. After the last post I realize that i am way too ignorant for you people and will make sure not to trouble you again. Have a good one.

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