Sam's Club batteries on sale!

Was at my local Sam’s club today and saw that their battery section had prices marked down. Just wanted to give a heads up.

Notable mentions were Enegizer Ultimate lithium battery 12 for $15.98 (normally 19.98). And Duracell Quantum AAA’s 24 pack for $13.98. It also looked like they were liquidating their older variety packs of AA, AAA, C, D and 9V for 14.95 (normally $20).

I normally only buy eneloops but are the lithiums a good price?

That's a good deal. I can't find them cheaper.

at my club the AA Energizer Ultimate Lithiums 12 pack are still ~$20.

Lithiums are handy if you want to keep in your glovebox flashlight for emergency use 10 years later….other than that they are expensive for everyday use. For that I’d stick with the Eneloops.

I like AAA lithiums in my keychain light because it's noticably lighter