Samsung date codes

Yes I can see the problem….the info I gave you was cr@p!

I will do some more digging and see what I can find. Have you been salvaging laptop packs?


No, Fasttech has some, I am just trying to find out how old they are.

Thanks again Woody. :slight_smile:


I believe that’s what you’re looking for.
I have no idea how the code would be for a 2010-2013 cell, maybe both digits or maybe just one, your guess is as good as mine.

Forgot to mention, it says the lot markings are on the metal, but on the ones I have the code is on the plastic, just a very faint colour when compared to the manufacturer code. So unless the photographer wanted you to see the code, you won’t see it. (but, mine are old, the marking scheme might have changed and now it might really be only printed on the metal)

As shown on this photo

Edit 2:
Only now did I notice that Hopback gave the exact same info about the codes. Sorry about that. Still, my comment about the colour of the printing being very faint might help.

Thank you for that, but I think this is the wrong cell. The one I am looking at is the 26F. But I appreciated your help.


WRT the samsung 30A, I have the date code J0A6, 55G41… and for a 26F, the code: H7D2, 8D911. I’d be real freaking upset if I got 2006, ICR18650-30A cells from fasttech…

Moving this here from another thread:

I have heard that the date code is no longer on the cells as of some time in 2010. Supposedly, the date code is on the box from the manufacturer. Hoping that is wrong. Here is an sample of the cell label now. Does anyone know what the 3rd line represents now? Anyone see the faint markings that are mentioned above? I need to check mine tonight.

And my solution.

I just got 2 brand new? Samsung 30Q from Gearbest and tried to find the manufacturing date in the myriad of rules that can be found in this Forum.
My cells read (on the wrapper):
and on the can underneath the wrapper: JOFC-6BC21 and JOFC-6B781

Well, the (bad) rules tell me that the manufacturing year is C=2012 ! NO WAY!
I measured the cells at 3Amps and they have top performance. They cannot be 4 years old!

I found an old thread by xelario where he lists the markings from 4 Samsung 26F as follows:
on the wrappers and on the cans:

  1. 2E23……….H7E2__82291 (SDI=Korea).
  2. 2DC4……….I7DC__8CI11 (SDI=Korea).
  3. TER1……….B7ER__M31B (SDIEM=Malaysia).
  4. TEV2……….C7EV__84S11 (SDIEM=Malaysia).

using some logic:

1. Year cannot be digit 4 on the can (2,C,R,V) (mine are NOT from 2012, then).
2. On xelarios wrappers Year,month is normally found as digits 2 and 3 (E=2014, D=2013,2=feb.,C=dec. - plausible!).
3. I have only 3 digits on my wrapper! -can’t use that.
4. Look at cans digits 3 and 4 in xelario’s numbers - the same as year and month!!! I can use that.
5. For SDIEM (malaysia) the month goes from ‘O’ to ‘Z’ (found that rule somewhere)

Then xelario’s cells are fabricated in 2014-feb, 2013-dec, 2014-apr, 2014-aug
and mine in FC= 2015-dec, =brand new! :smiley:

Thanks for reading!

I know this is an old post but I can’t help trying my new rule ( previous post) on this.
You are in luck, code A6 is 2010, june and code D2 is 2013, feb.

Hi sixty545. I’m fighting a virus right now and my thinking is very fuzzy right now, I can’t seem to make sense of what you have reported. I’ll reread your post tomorrow when I hopefully feel better. Thanks for taking interest in this matter. It will be great to be able to determine date of manufacture for these types of cells.

I see the code that you mentioned. It’s a bit faint, but can seem through the wrapper. One of my 30q cells has the following label near the positive end:


A little lower, it says:


EDIT: Fixed numerous typos for like the 4th time.

EDIT2: I think I follow you now. I think you’re saying that the last 2 digits of the first marking on the can is the date code with the 3rd digit being year and the 4th month as follows:

3rd Digit:
A = 2010
B = 2011
C = 2012
D = 2013
E = 2014
F = 2015

4th Digit:
1 = Jan
2 = Feb
3 = Mar
4 = Apr
5 = May
6 = Jun
7 = Jul
8 = Aug
9 = Sep
A = Oct
B = Nov
C = Dec

So my cell was probably made in August 2015?

Exactly! My post can not be read alone but together with the previous to fully understand, I think. It was also meant as a little happening. And I did not want to go into day of month (to keep it simple).

I hope you get over your virus soon!

Thanks sixty545. Your theory seems solid and is great news. I think you broke the code! Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Thanks also for the well wish. I think the fever broke last night. So should be recovering pretty fast at this point.

Revisiting this Samsung date code.

I got a few Samsung INR18650-30Q, and using the info above to try to decipher the date code.

Under the wrapper (I did not unwrap the wrapper, but just tried to look at the faint code underneath the wrapper).

I can see these codes for 2 different 30Qs:

L0I5-657C1 E1B1
L0I9-69521 A2E9

anyone try to decipher the code?

Quote From Datasheet:

L0I5 657C1 E1B1 = 2018 May 14th

L0I9 69521 A2E9 = 2018 September 10th

The first two lines are directly below each other, the third line (4 digits) is further down and usually somewhere else around the circumference of the cell.


So these 30Qs I got are quite new ones.

I've gotten the 3rd line -- A2E9 and E1B1.

A = 10th day

E = 14th day


I5 - E1B1 ==> May 14, 2018

I9 - A2E9 ==> September 10, 2018



Good info, thanks.

I would like to revisit this.

I’ve previously got a few “Samsung INR18650-30Q” which I suspect were not genuine 30Q. However they look very similar to the real Samsung 30Q, and capacity test seems to be similar (around 2800+mAh, where genuine 30Q have around 2900+mAh on capacity discharge test).

The AC IR (using YR1030 resistance tester) of genuine 30Q appears to be around 11.8mOhms (those marked “141”) and around 12.6mOhms (those marked “136”), at least on the samples of 30Q that I have.

The AC IR (YR1030) of the “non-genuine” 30Q are around 21mOhms, which is far from the ~12mOhms of the genuine 30Q.

On checking the “date” code underneath the wrapper. I notice the genuine 30Q “141” or “136” have something like L0J4 or L0I1.
As per the above decoding information
“2nd digit: Final number of Model Name (“0” is INR18650-30x)”

So they are “0” = 30Q.

But on the non-genuine 30Q, I see that they read “E9G0” or “E9HJ” (G = 2016, H = 2017), but “9” would then refer to ‘final number of model name’, does this mean the Samsung INR18650-29E?

So maybe these non-genuine 30Q are probably real Samsung INR18650-29E instead?

(on a side note: I also checked the underlying code for Samsung 25R, and they have “5” in the 2nd-digit).

Does anyone know what is supposed to be the AC IR (using YR1030 or similar resistance meter) of a genuine Samsung INR18650-29E?

I had something similar happen to me a few weeks ago(Samsung INR18650-30Q Questionable markings from trusted seller.), but I have no reliable/accurate way of testing. I only have a MiBoxer C412. The questionable button top cells have a similar IR to the “known good L0XX” button tops I have in my Q8 from a few years ago.

The questionable cells were bought from Liionwholesale and they claim it was because Samsung had to move production around that the lot/date codes were not consistent last year.

Hi, Can anyone decipher this code? What is the manufacture date?