Samsung INR18650-20R

Does anybody have any experience with these\_trksid=p5197.c0.m619

10C(20A) discharge :bigsmile:

Could that be same cell used in AW 2000mAh “IMR” batteries?

@Shadowww: No. AW 2000 have been around longer than Samsungs new INR cells and the AW 2000 doesnt really perform good at 10A and I doubt it would withstand a 20A torture.

I have these cells coming to get them tested, but its the usual chinese post lottery.

These cells are used in some battery packs of power tools (Metabo and Dewalt IIRC).

Keep us posted.
I’m going to order a couple i think.

seems like those pwerizer 18650s. Can’t seem to find the link now, only the 18A ones.

Why not just use the AW 1600 mah? We know those can easily handle the 20 amp loads...

  1. they’re not brand-name
  2. they’re 1600mAh, these are 2000mAh.

Well, from what I know and have seen in datasheets the only cell that might dethrone the AW IMR 1600mAh at loads of 10A and more could be the Sanyo UR18650WX. We will see.

But isn't that also a 1600 mah battery?

Just bought the 2000mAh ones sorry. link. I also found them again.

Yes, its a 1600mAh cell. SAX was 1300mAh and W2 was 1600mAh. Now they have the performance of the SAX with the capacity of W2 -> WX.

Wasn't it the older AW 1600maH from 3-4 years ago with rediculously low IR and vented postie contact supposedly better than the current button tops AW's? Its not a statement im asking you guys im sure you remember the vented AW's..if not i'll throw up some pics

I think the current 1600mAh is still very good at high currents, but the newer 2000mAh isn’t as good.
Post some pics if you have them. I’m always interested in this stuff :slight_smile:

My Samsung INR18650-20R’s arrived today. They are working a treat with a P60 that i just put an XM-L2 into. Its pulling about 4.25A :slight_smile:

Once my AMC7135 chips arrive so i can make my Shadow SL3 into a 9A pocket rocket, then these Samsungs will be put to the test :slight_smile: