Samsung leds

Interesting (especially a warm white)

Not bad at all! Really want to try these. I’m now glad that I missed those t6 for 6.30 deals.
BTW, once I was told that Samsung was Philips or Philips was Samsung in real. And there were some speculations on Samsung’s being a Korean brand, but that it was just a brand those had plants in Korea.

Do you know the surface area in mm2 ?

I wonder if this is more of an XP-G competitor or XP-E ?

on power led section of (very slow to load) you find the datasheet (some pdf looks damaged) have also a led of 1200 lumens, competition is welcome, after all cree produce meanly in china

..should up the yen

here some info too

Though, the German site has a just too high shipping for TR. Any other sources are welcome.

I would LOVE to see an brightness/current graph of one over driven.

I'd be surprised if they can be overdriven to the extent people have found Cree's can endure, but I like those kind of surprises. It looks to me like they've tried to achieve comparable specs in order to gain market share through pricing.

These are very interesting. May have to order a few to test.

the Yen is just doing fine... at least here for me ;)

shopping on Ebay etc. is much cheaper from Japan right now.. the dollar is pretty low!
Otherwise I wouldnt have bought the flashlights that I recently did....