Sanyo 18650 2600mAh @ $6.60 ea.

was looking around for a good deal on 18650's

and found these

@£4.36 ea. seems a good price haven't seen them cheaper

has anyone had dealings with best offer and would you recommend them ?

There available from several sources :

Heck of a good battery ... I need more 18650's like I need less money .. But Im sorely tempted to buy more Sanyo's

IOS + CNQ have them as well ...

What's about that?

These are unprotected aren't they?

Also these are the Japanese Sanyo 2600s that Xtar uses in the Xtar 18700 protected cells?

I would pay a bit more and get the Protection.

I have purchased from BOB in the past - I didn't have any issues with them.


yea unprotected but as i could be using them in a home brew pack i don't need protected

each pair will have it's own protection pcb

the ones form kd offer better value for money $11.42 ea. pair if ordering 5+ pairs

Think about the custom service. In Germany I have to pay 19% fees for an order with a higher value as 22€.

Do you know who sells Protected Sanyo, at least 2600?

XTAR. The forum's favorite.

And frankly it's easy to see why :)

Does XTAR 2600 fit in UltraFire H3b headlamp and UF2100 (DD groupbuy)?

Are the ones from BoB legit? What voltage do they get shipped out at? thx

With DEAL10 coupon code, total 5,94 free shipping

I just got a full refund from an ebay seller after complaining about 2x crappy GTL **2800mAh** 18650 cells of which their actual capacity was hitting just a tad over 500mAh. i will go the legit way now, got one sanyo for the price of 3x GTL

Might be a dumb question, but these Sanyo´s linked in first post are un-protected, right?

I'm reluctant to slag off bestofferbuy on one bit of evidence, but the Cold Steel Urban Pal knife they're selling looks an awful lot like a knockoff.


So if they're selling one ripoff, are they selling others?

Yes they are unprotected.