Sanyo 2700mAh - somewhat LSD?

Hi guys
So, uhm. I am a bit confused right now.
I have this set of 4x Sanyo 2700 mAh (definitely legit, purchased from nkon, tested at ~2500mAh each)
I had them lying around for over half a year, and today I needed to charge them up for use in a speedlight.
Out of pure curiosity, I decided to do a discharge run on them before charging them up.
The result I got was quite surprising - they all were in 2000mAh range, lowest being 2017mAh and highest being 2054mAh (yeah, that consistency surprised me, too). Since they’re around 2500mAh, that’s ~81% remaining after 6 months.
Previously I have been hearing horror stories about classic NiMHs losing their charge in just a few weeks, but now I’ll seriously have to reconsider using them as main battery sets in some devices, and not just sitting in a drawer as backup batteries - since even after half a year they gave me as much capacity as freshly charged Eneloops do, and I got them for half as much as Eneloop XX’s.

i have two sets of those batteries and i never tested them for self discharging over time…in my nikon sb900 they last for about 300 shots depending on situation but i have noticed that in nitecore ea4 although they have capacity they are not capable of supplying high current for extended periods on turbo mode like eneloops pro(XX)…

Hah… we’re going to be using it in almost the same device! (SB-910 here) :stuck_out_tongue:
Glad to see you have good experience with them for speedlight use, what are recharge times like compared to e.g. Eneloops? That’s another part which is worrying me a bit

well i would say that eneloops pro are a bit faster in recharging but that is not fair comparison because my sanyos 2700 have significant “mileage” on them and my eneloops pro are practically new…i think you will be guilty if i buy another set of 2700 :stuck_out_tongue: , by the way what charger are you using and with what current are you charging them, i use Voltcraft ipc1L (Lacrosse bc900 and few other brands have this same charger under different name) and i usually use 250mA for discharging and 500mA for charging…

I’m using a hobby charger with them.
1A to 6A (very rarely and only with good quality cells, usually I try not to go above 2A) charge depending on how big hurry I am in, 1A discharge.

its been my experience that non lsd sometimes do great but sometimes not, i had some rayovac that had 75% capacity after 6 months, but used then charged and drained themselves in a month, so you cant count on them draining at the same rate every time

This is all very interesting… not enough to sway me towards “regular” NiMH batteries again, but interesting nonetheless.