Sanyo Eneloop 3rd Gen 8xAA 4xAAA & Charger $19.99 at Costco (USA)

Costco (at least here on the West Coast) is offering a $5 instant rebate through June 15, 2014 bringing the cost to $19.99 on the following Sanyo Eneloop bulk pack:

8 x AA Eneloop (3rd gen)

4 x AAA Eneloop (3rd gen)

Sanyo Eneloop HR-MQN10A4N charger

Went to Costco here on Long Island and picked up some today for the price you mentioned. (Most of my Eneloops come from Costco) I don't use the included charger though. I use a Maha PowerEX C9000 instead..

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Thanks for the welcome!

In case anyone is curious, the codes on my just-bought batteries are:

AA: HR-3UTGB 13-12MC (December 2013)

AAA: HR-4UTGB 13-11UV (November 2013)

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I wish I lived in the states :_(

Thanks! Sending my wife off to check our local Costco. Had a tough time getting her to go (RIGHT :)!)…

None at the Costco on 59 South, in Sugar Land.

Does anybody know what the cosco# for this is, I order all my costco stuff and it doesn’t show up in the catalog. Thanks!

Looks like a great price for just the batteries alone.

Item # 776230

I went to and the number above shows no results. Their website sucks..

Their website is fine. They have almost zero crossover of inventory between the stores and online. Products sold online are not in the stores and vice-versa. This is intentional.

Ok, we’ll thanks guys, I guess the # does me no good :~

I tried my friend. Sorry I couldn't help you :(

This is a great price.
In my country the best I can get is 8x AA for 24USD.

I’ve been meaning to pick up this set once it went on sale, but I called up my local costco and they said it’s $24.99 with no coupon available. Maybe the person I spoke to was mistaken…

$25 for 12 cells and a charger… That’s still a good deal! I wish I could buy it at that price over here…

dang… too bad I don’t have Costco membership :_(