Sanyo Lithium Cell Inside - XTAR 18700 2600mAh Protected Li-ion Battery

Voltage: 3.7V

Battery Capacity: 2600mAh

Cell: Sanyo lithium cell inside

Size(mm): 70 (length) x 18 (body diameter)

Net Weight: 48g



Hmmmm , may we ask for a Test - Review sample ?

Im currently stocking up on some 18650's for a review ..

Sanyo , Samsung and Hi-max , with CPF crashing and burning ? and looks like a lot of data lost .

+ We just started the BLF Battery Database Which we hope will grow and be useful to the flashlight community .

lol yea i agree

If it's spam, it's a rather poor attempt - I mean, the user name is XTAR. I don't think they're trying to hide anything. Perhaps a move to the dealer's section would be in order, though?

Hmmmm, We have been looking for someone to do a test for us. We would like to offer XTAR 18700 Li-ion Battery with different Capacity for you to test. You can send your address to the email:

Thank you!

Email sent ...

Thank you ...


Not received yet. Can you resend again?

Hopefully better luck the second time around ...


Matt is the best person for the job.


Where can we buy your flashlights and batteries from?

sbflashlights stocks some of their lights.

or if you want within europe.

Miracle-store is closed just now. Google Translate thought their message was Latin and provided the following translation:

"Wegen Mouth Disease Unser Shop vorrübergehend bleibt geschlossen."

I bought an XTAR charger from an Ebay seller , 7.5 USD, they sent it trough SingPost with track apparently from China, the amazing thing is how fast was shipped out...same day.. . lets see the transit time since in the past SP was a little slow to reach my country...

08-03-2011 INFORMATION RECEIVED (From Shenzhen to Registered Mail Section)
09-03-2011 Item received at registered mail section
09-03-2011 Item dispatched from registered mail section
09-03-2011 Item received at registered mail section
09-03-2011 Item dispatched from registered mail section
09-03-2011 Tracking -Despatched to Overseas Postal Admin (From SG/ to AR/)
09-03-2011 Tracking -Despatched to Overseas Postal Admin (From SG/ to AR/)

I just got the news that Mr. Walde is in hospital these days. So he has to close his website temporary.

European customers can go to Mr.Martin 's website. He is an agent in UK and " " will be finished very soon.

Yep, old4570 is the right man for the job. Is he the the "battery-holic"? I read one of our members who was almost embarrassed to admit he is more fascinated by batteries themselves than flashlights (I think that was in the 'where do you buy your Eneloops' thread).

Whatever the case, old4570 has some leading posts out there, including info on Sanyo batteries vs Panasonic.

Are these Sanyo the 4.3V or 4.35 Volt versions, or normal 4.2V?

Old4570, did you ever get your modded charger sorted out so it was stable for 4.35v? I've looked for info on this before, but haven't found it.

With the outer wrapper ripped off, would there be an inner "Sanyo" wrapper?

And finally... are other brands of cells used for XTAR 18700 batteries?

I moded one chanel to 4.35v but its not stable .. Soshine Charger

Even when carefully calibrated , it wont hold the setting , everytime I charge the Samsung 30A I need to check to make sure its 4.35 open voltage ...

One of these days I will buy a single channel charger and try again [ make a dedicated stable 4.35v charger ]

Perhaps using something like this ?