I purchased three SolarForce items from them and the machining on the bezels is so bad that it cut my hands when I tried to install them. They won't screw all the way down properly.Also, the threads on the extension tube did not fit any of the SolarForce flashlights I own.

They look horrible compared to the ones I received from

Have you contacted them? Jake25 is a member here-PM him.

Solarforce parts have been known to have some machining error, see the L2-B2. We're responding very quickly to your emails and are willing to work with you 110%. It would be great if you didn't jump to conclusions and label us as "Fishy".

Are you talking about the SS flat bezel? If you are your experience is not unusual. Those bezels are junk no matter where you get them.

I like the "flush" SS bezels, even though they are a little rough around the edges. Still way better than the crenalated anodized ones.

FWIW, I'm sure SB doesn't make the bezels, they get the same stuff the SF-sales sells.

I just do not understand why thay looks so different that the the others I received from SF-sales. They have nicks, burrs, oxidation an some sort of goo like gum on them.

Fishy comment removed.

I see solar force written on the things so It looks like they are real .

Sorry Jake 25

They should have come with a small "square" of stainless steel. That is the tool that you use to screw them in with so you don't bleed on your L2.

I sanded them down with an emery cloth for about 15 min then I tried to polishing them with an old denim cloth I have. Looking better. I was just surprised to SF stuff look like this. Not SB's fault .