SBFlashlights Holiday Sales/Liquidation/ ALL LIGHTS MUST GO! Spark 60% OFF + More

Hey BLFers. We need to clear our shelves and what better time than the holidays :slight_smile:

Starting with 60% off on Spark products and moving to Klarus, Lumintop, Rofis, And our L08/L10/L10c/L11c lights as well as a few others (Eagletac Etc.)

Check out our Spark lineup and I’ll get more deals going. Everything should be at least 60% off!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!




Klarus XT11, XT1A, XT1C, XT2C, ST11, ST2c, ST30 all 60% OFF Click here for more

To the relative newcomers to this hobby, don’t you know the the Spark brand is just as good as the highly-rated Zebralights? Similar in finish, in workmanship and even and down to the UI…you can deduce from my statement on what it means!

Pm incoming.

Are any of the Spark Flashlights high CRI? Thanks.

SB Flashlights…… is this our leaders secret shop lol? :wink:

Looks well built. Sparked my interest.

I have always wanted a Spark flashlight. Ordered a SL5-220CW, changing the emitter out when it gets here. No use in buying a NW version when changing out the emitter, I leave those for someone else.
Thanks for the discount SBflashlights.

How considerate, 007. I like the way you think. :+1:

Lumintop added 65% off liquidation :smiley:

I got the Spark SL5-220CW in the mail yesterday. Very nice flashlight, very well built. :+1:

Thanks for sharing.

Awesome 007. Klarus will be added shortly

Jake, thank you for the awesome sales! I'm excited to see what comes next.

Subbed. I’d pick up some more L08 or L10 even though I just got one of each.

Hi Jake, I put in an order on Nov 20th but was notified items were out of stock after payment was issued. I asked for a refund but haven’t heard back since.
Can you please help me out with this?


Sorry, been out of town, you’re refunded :slight_smile:

Klarus and more deals are coming up

Thanks Jake, much appreciated!

Klarus 60% is up and running. Excellent deals in time for the holidays :slight_smile: Help us clear the shelves!

Hi Jake. When can we look forward to the next markdown(s)? Thank you again for the excellent deals!