SC02 tailcap spring


I just received an SC02 from WB, and it wouldn’t turn on. When I checked, the tailcap spring was not there. I eventually found it outside the light on my counter (kind of flattish spring).

How does that spring normally attach to the tailcap on the SC02? It doesn’t look like it was soldered.


I would have to say it is most probably soldered on.

Mine are just pressed in. I can’t pull them out easily, and I don’t want to force them so I think the bottom coil of the spring is wedged under the little aluminum grove in the bottom.

Hi Solar and Texas,

Thanks for checking. I also noticed that there’s a burnt odor coming from the battery tube area, so I think that this SC02 is done for. I’ve emailed WB, and as usual, they’ve asked for a video… of what, I don’t know… but I just did one and sent it to them. We’ll see what they do now I guess.


Cherry aka “Eleven” has agreed to refund PP for that SC02 after I sent a video. Too bad, as I also got an SC01 in the same shipment, and that thing is bright as heck on a 14500, so I expect the SC02 would’ve been even better :(…

EDIT: I was able to get the light working. I was able to get the tailcap spring in by compressing one end of the spring (diameter-wise) and pushing it into the depressed area in the tailcap. After I did that, I tried several different button top batteries cuz I could hear the battery sliding around inside. I finally found an old Eagtac protected that fit and made the light work.

I’m concluding that the problem is that the SC02 is very picky with battery length, because there’s only 1 spring on the tailcap end, and none on the positive end. I’m thinking of adding/soldering a small, flattish spring to the positive end, if I can find one. Has anyone dones this with an SC02? Is it the right thing to do?

I’ve emailed Cherry/Eleven at WB to let them know to cancel the refund since the light is working now.

EDIT 2: I forgot to mention: This uses an electronic switch, and the rubber button presses the switch that’s part of the pill/driver/emitter assembly. That assembly goes into the front of the light (thank goodness the bezel ring was not glued) and it takes a bit of trying to get the rubber button to line up with the switch.