SC52 and batts suggestion...

Hey guys.
So far, I think i found my next two toys. A SC52 for edc, and a Nitecore SRT7 for outdoors.
Now, Can you guys give me suggestions here.
1.I will be buying the SC52…in cool or warm, but I can’t decide seeing how a lot of people are getting green tinted led’s. So, which one would be a better choice if I want a nice neutral white without yellow, green or purple tints at all?
2.With this, i will be buying 2 ZL 14500’s, and i think some eneloops to play around with.
3.I will also be purchasing a Srt7, with 2 Eagletac 3400mah 18650’s.
4.And, for a charger for both types of batts, I think I will go with the i4 charger, with car charger cord.

So, this is proving to turn out to be quite a lot of money for these two lights and batts. Where can I find a great deal?
I was told to order the ZL light from ZL, in case I need to return it due to a greenish tint, so I will probably order this and the 14500s from them.
But the other stuff, is kind of spread out. I can buy from Amazon, but I don’t know how reliable this is and would hate to wait weeks for something since Ive had issues with ebay before but never used amazon. I know Illumination Supply is supposed to be good, but they don’t have the Eagtac batts.

So can you guys recommend where you would buy this setup? And, if I need something else or even if it is overkill, please let me know. I am very excited to get my new lights! It just seems like I will be ordering from 3 different sites so far, and will not be good for the wallet. I was hoping to save on shipping by ordering at least the srt7 and batts and charger from one site.
Oh, and are there any codes for a discount at any of these sites? I am member here and CPF, but just can’t seem to find any discount codes. Am i missing it somewhere?

Again, thanks for any advice you guys can give. Much appreciated.


For the best deal on ZebraLights check out illumination supply. With their latest coupon code it should drop the price considerably.

You won’t find cheaper shipped batteries anywhere other than

Best 14500 batteries on the planet:

Best 18650’s on the planet…
Flat top unprotected:
Button top unprotected:
Button top protected:

-Jamie M.

Okay, great. Thanks for the reply. There is just one thing. Where can i find this coupon code? I have looked on the forums and can’t seem to find any. Thanks


edit: I see some SC52s in a light green anodizing, and also some with a very dark green ano. Is there a difference? Admitedly, I do prefer the lighter ano color……any suggestions?

I sent you PM with coupon code, but you didn’t get it from me :wink:

Pay attention to the checkout instructions. Check out with PayPal, nothing will get charged to you, it’ll come back to illumination supply website THEN you enter coupon code, and check that it’s valid (doesn’t work on ALL zebralights, but most). If it doesn’t apply to any of the lights you order from them (or if you are ordering more than just zebralights) let me know and I have another discount code for the other ones (not as good).

Just to be clear, do NOT enter the coupon code on the first (step 1) checkout screen :wink:

-Jamie M.

On illumination supply’s site? I only see two, SC52 and SC52w (warm beam colour).

You really need something THAT small to EDC? You know how small the SC600MKii is right??

I would recommend for EDC:

SC600 MK II L2 Cool White 1100 Lm


SC600W MK II L2 Neutral White 1020 Lm

I currently EDC SC600 MKII but have already ordered SC600w MKII L2 :slight_smile:

True thermal regulation, monster output, lots of programming modes, sweet interface (can go from off to turbo or off to moonlight in one button press, at any time!).

Bundle that with one of these batteries and you got a pocket monster!

For a super nice charger get Xtar SP2 (sold out at fasttech but they have the best price), in stock on ebay:

-Jamie M.

Only downside is the SC600II L2's won't be out for a little while yet, probably not until beginning of November.

E2fieldgear/Cellguy have a special on the xmlu3 version. I really miss mine, was expecting to have the replacement in hand a while ago already.

Btw, of the SC52's go for the SC52w. Yes, it's a bit yellow, but it's a lot nicer than the xmlu3 version.

And yes, the SC52 is freaking tiny.

It is the beginning of November :wink: Some have shipped already, ZL has the cool white version IN STOCK currently :wink:

If you’re in a hurry for a light grab the SC600 MKII and forgo the thermal regulation (currently on a HUGE discount):

-Jamie M.

I had the SC600 MkII. Sold it in anticipation of the xml2t6 version.

ZL charges list prices which to be is unacceptable, and I already have on on pre-order. Really wish ZL would hurry up and stock their dealers.

How’d you like the beam colour on your SC600 MKii? I can’t stand mine, it’s by far the worst out of any flashlight I own, including my $5 ones! lol.

Stock Skyray king, cool white, old/original non U2 model:

4 x Nichia 219 high CRI warm 2.1 amps each TiR optics:

You know when your $40 SRK has way better tint than your $100 ZL there’s gotta be something wrong :frowning:

I can’t wait for my SC600w MKii U2 :slight_smile: The true thermal regulation will be nice too, instead of the stupid timed stepdown. If it wasn’t for the lack of thermal regulation I’d just get the LED swapped on my current MKii but I guess if the tint is crap on my new warm U2 I’ll just get the LED swapped on the new one :frowning:

-Jamie M.

Honestly, I didn't mind the tint that much. I think the light as whole grew on me a lot. I really miss it now.

That said, I definitely, definitely prefer the warm tint of the xml2t6, that I have on the sc52w.

So far my favorite tint is from the 5000k (or maybe 4500k, not 100% sure) dedomed mtg2. That includes a 5xNichia 219 light pumping out what I'd guess to be 1500+ lumens.

@toysareforboys…Just to be clear, I will not be using paypal. I will be using my credit/debit card. Will these codes still work? Thank you very much btw.

Oh, and yes I know its tiny. Currently buying to replace my E11 which I love. But I need a new toy, and like i said Im getting the srt7 for outdoors, so this is really just to keep on me at all times without really noticing it.

About the ano, you can see in InfinitasEquitas pic above, the sc52 is light in color, but on the ZL site it seems they are showing very dark green ano’d ones.

And now, to be honest, you guys got me thinking about the SC600w again, although ZL doesn’t have them in stock. Are these out of stock everywhere right now and only pre order?
I am very torn between the Srt7 because I think i’ll have fun with the rbg lights, and I need a decent thrower. But, it seems the Sc600w has 1020 lumens! Thats a lot of light. And i like the features, so yea I might get that too. If i can even find it anytime soon….
decisions, decisions……


I’ve only ever checked out with PayPal. There’s probably instructions on how to use the coupon code with credit card checkout (probably put the coupon code where I told ya NOT to put it, lol).

The NEW sc600w MKii U2 version is out of stock everywhere, the non w version seems to be trickling in right now. Some are claiming mid december for the w/warm stock arrival time. The old sc600w you could probably track down somewhere, but you’d have to pry mine outa my cold dead hands :wink:

-Jamie M.

Oh, so Im assuming there is a version 1 and pre order version 2 of the sc600 Warm?
I think I get it now…but you guys are saying the warm is way nicer than the cool right? Color rendition is important for this light as my edc.
Man, i really don’t know if i should go with the sc52 or the 600 now. Is it worth the wait to wait for the new warm one? and will pre orders get here faster than if we just wait until there in stock? thanks again for all the help


There’s no reports on how nice the new warm one will be. If it’s anything like their latest lights, don’t get your hopes up :frowning:

I love my High CRI stuff and would get every flashlight LED swapped out with a Nichia 219 if it was easily doable on the ZL lights.

-Jamie M.

Is there a reason why nobody is upgrading the led’s on the ZL lights? Its not possible at all? Maybe we will see someone come out with one, but Im assuming its very hard to do or someone would have already. Can you clarify?

Can I ask another question……is it wiser to order from ZL site or a different vendor? I ask because ZL does not even have a phone number, and I hate that. I emailed them about something yesterday and Im wondering how long I will have to wait for the reply. Do they ship quick if I place an order? Or should I just go with a known vendor. Thanks for the advice
I want to order at least the sc52 today. Im thinking the 52w.


edit: im tired, its late. I guess the “MK 2” means version 2…….im a dope

That can't be a cool white LED, that is for sure a neutral white LED. I contains no hint of green which could mean is not even a 3C tint.

The main problem is the wall isn’t white :wink:

It’s beige which brings out the contrast in different colour temps (really exaggerates them).

I ordered the Cool White SRK, looks cool white on a white wall, just the beige wall makes it look warmer. Also why my Nichia 219 looks SUPER warm, when it’s really not :wink:

-Jamie M.

OK :)

The ZL looks in the photo like a cool white maybe something like 1S green tint, or maybe it's 1B.

Indeed the 4500K Nichia looks super warm.

Sorry to ask again, do you think its a better idea to order from IS or ZL? Thank you again


It’s not clear if ZL is screwing over their dealers by servicing THEIR back order customers first. You get a WAY better price from IS so I think that makes it worth the wait.

-Jamie M.