Scary stuff; be careful out there!

Everyone needs to watch out when it comes to DHMO because it is such a common substance on our planet!

It is possible to OD on DHMO.

As long as you are prepared to spend around 14/24 hours gulping it down.

But you can drown in the stuff.

I spent an hour in the park today being hit in the face by frozen DHMO which was like being sandblasted but colder.

Some, but not all, flashlights will be OK after contact with it...

I can't quit eliminating the stuff! Up several times at night...hitting the DHMO receptacle at work too!

Woe is me! Oh, woe is me!

Hang-on, gotta go...

That's the worst kind. Tastes like piss.

i'm an addict to dhmo :(

MSM (no, not mainstream media)


I have actually seen people put this stuff in good Scotch .

My dad does that, except he uses the solid form.