Science-- Four different battery chemistries tested for safety


Thank you! That was interesting.

Thanks for that, shame they didn’t test li-ion in the same way as the others.
Was impressed by the polymers though, thought they were more explosive than that.


yes, definitely do not hammer a nail through a LiIon, as it will cause “venting with flames” when it is short circuited

but, this is not a relevant test for the way we use batteries in flashlights

You should test NCA (Lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide) chemistry instead of NCR, its supposed to be more resistant to crushing impacts and that’s why they are used in e-bike and Teslas for example.

just do a penetration test on a regular fuel tank with some ingition on a car crash

the outcome is at least as dangerous as a battery pack thermal runaway

lithium round cells can be mechanically very badly abused without thermal runaway

also their LiFe Po was some sort of fake cells, seriously it could only drive 5-7A after short high current period overloading the 20A range

If it is too fast for somebody, in this channel there are much more videos of this.