Scratching My Head Over this New....Light?

I have no idea what to think about “this!!

Kind of an odd setup.


Hey Raccoon, have you seen “Stone”? Milla was incredibly hot in it - and actually quite good in the role, too. Mr. Anderson has destroyed her career….

Nope, I haven't seen Stone. To tell the truth, I don't watch many movies; I mostly stick to television.

The Resident Evil movies have made a ton of money, especially considering that the fact that they are loosely based on a video game franchise. I haven't seen Retribution yet, but I think Alice kicks a lot of @$$ in the prequels.

How has Paul W.S. Anderson destroyed Milla's career? :)

She’ll never be taken seriously as an actress as long as she continues accepting the dumb roles her hubby puts her in.

She got raves earlier in her career for The Messenger and more recently for her supporting role in Stone - both had nothing to do with her hubby. She’ll never get that type of recognition as long as she continues doing the Resident Evil stuff.

But yeah, those movies do make money so I guess in that way Mr. Anderson has helped her out.

I really liked Milla in "Return to the Blue Lagoon".. she was only 16 but looked better than some mid-twenties I know. :D

And I disagree. I think Milla is a highly respected actress. "The Fifth Element" for example was a great movie.. and there are a lot more, but everybody can read wikipedia. :P

And the latest twist on the Muskateers, she was awesome in that movie.

The Sr80 by Klarus looks like a good camping lantern

The Fifth Element was 15 years ago. I’m a fan; I definitely think she’s underrated. I just think her hubby is a hack and he’s devalued her career. It’s just my opinion…