search for 3x18650 host


I’m searching for some cheap host for 3x (or even 4x) 18650 side-by-side.
Because I want it only as host, the main is the price. I want something with single LED reflector :slight_smile:
Also very important thing is, that I need the batteries connected in series!

e.g. something like COURU L2 (but it’s parallel connection)
Any other idea?

Thank you and Marry Christmas! :santa:

You posted here as well! :slight_smile:

I replied over in your CPF thread. Have a search here in BLF and you can find mods in making that light into a series connection.

I just replied on CPF :smiley:

What about a c8 with too additional tubes…

“abreast” means side-by-side.

Yeah, side-by-side (I wasn’t able to remember the right word so I used translator :D)

I searched a little more.
I found this interesting host on DX:
Change it to series connection shouldn’t be hard. Only limiting is the handler, but maybe I would be able to remove it and replace the switch into the body. Doesn’t anyone has photo of the inside of the flashlight?

IMO it’s likely that the switch in the handle is momentary (e-switch) and does not need to carry current.


Good job matching that up Werner. I was thrown off at first when I followed your link to Bort’s review: in Bort’s review it’s a 1s2p config with a carrier rather than being a 1s3p config with no carrier. Now I see that both lights have a smooth bore, the RichFire just has a plastic holder thing shoved in there.

EDIT: Does anyone have links to other configurations of this light?

Yeah, I know that the switch is only for changing mods. I just wanted to place it directly into the light instead of handler…
Thanks for the link for review. The hole under the LED is not very good, but it should be possible to mod it also…