Searching a compact thrower

My favorite compact thrower is the BLF-D80v2.

I´ve also found that flashlight but i didn´t find any measured values how far it throws or the candela.

P30. It’s different from the ’mini, so which is “better” is a matter of taste/preference/need.

The ’micro is even more compact than the ’mini, yet still throws respectably, so…

Check out the D1S, compact ( almost ) enough for edc, and sweet throw.


Another vote for the P30 21700 version. About to get one and try a white flat swap

Too bad it’s discontinued, I feel blessed to own such a sweet light.

(Why discontinue a good small super thrower such as the D1S, I wonder.)

I’m glad I got one , best looking little thrower bar none .
Pure class.

Acebeam WL10 ?

It was excellent but I had heaps of them have issues with the off time capacitor causing the medium press not to function correctly

What about the Eagle Eye X6, it’s still sold on AliExpress under another name

I have some of those lights mentioned above, for me the compact but heavy hitter is this one: Nightwatch NI01L IRAlite Osram White Flat

Take a look at this comparative photos, even versus the FT03 at medium range: Shoot-out: Mateminco MT35mini (FT03), Mateminco TO2 (FT02) and the small Nightwatch NI01L IRAlite Osram White Flat

Try searching ’Mezzol’

Edit, i still had one on my wishlist but now the are completely gone

Go for the Lumintop GT Mini and don’t look back.

You might look back if the on button goes wonky :smiley:

It really comes down to how ‘compact’ you desire, and if you want a side switch or tailswitch. I personally prefer a tailswitch and super simple UI on dedicated throwers - a lot of times just single mode - and a forward/momentary switch. Once the light is compact enough that it has a chance to actually be pocketed and carried in real life, I start to like having more modes/control.

IMO, these are my favorite throwers by size class (each ~5mm) and switch type (side vs rear). There are some gaps, but these are all lights that I have or consider having…

ET TX25C2 (32mm dia)
GT micro (36mm dia)
D4Sv2 (39mm dia)

GT mini (50mm dia)

Convoy M2 (32mm dia)

D80-v2 OR NS22 Seeker (41mm dia)
C8+ OR M21A (44mm dia)
Nitecore P30 (50mm dia)

I can recommend Nitecore MH20GT. Very compact and has surprisingly good throw due to deep reflector with XPL HI inside.

Thanks for all the help.
I do more like a side switch.
The nitecore is interesting but the price tag is to high for what i would get over the Lumintop GT Mini for example.
I ordered the Lumintop GT Mini and it will replace my Quark Turbo X that is placed in my car and waits for being used.


What are your thoughts on these?

Lumintop GT Mini
Nightwatch NS22 Seeker
Nightwatch NSX3

I only want to buy one thrower for now. Which if the above or an others?

Thanks shane