Searching Flashlight with much flood (Maybe P60 Dropin)

Hey guys :)

I'm searching a good and cheap Flashlight (max 30USD$) with focus on flood instead of throw (throw isnt important)...
It also can be a P60 Dropin, because I will own 2 Bodys with that support...

Can you suggest me something?

Best Thanks in Advance

3/4 Flood | 1/4 Throw

Need this to light out rooms, caves or something like that... And ofc... it should be "handy" - maximum 1x18650
The Yezl Z1 seems nice.. but on that price I dont like the thermal problems and not that good quality...

Just buy the 501b talked about in another thread for $14 with an XM-L in it.

that thing has great flood.